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UPDATE [Patchnote] August Patchnote 08. 04. 2020 Views 18615

[1] Updates

1-1. Desert Dragon Nest Time Attack

[2] Changes/additions

2-1. Hero EXP Potions are provided upon use of alpaca quest materials.

2-2. Hero EXP Potions are given upon clearing a mission.

2-3. Main Quest Reward Improvements

2-4. Other


3-1. EVENT- Storm of Time and Space - Crash-Bang! Alpaca Ranch

3-2. August Attendance Event

3-3. Other

[4] Cash Item

4-1. Marine Costume (Epic Grade)

4-2. Aisha on the Beach Transformation Gacha-Box

4-3. Style: Hair Dye

4-4. Crystal Shop: Baywatcher Costume

4-5. Other










[1] Update

 1-1. Desert Dragon Nest Time Attack 









◆ Area Introduction

• [Dry Shimmering Heat Garden]: Spitflower Ignis







• [Mushroom Rock Canyon]: Canyon Guardian Abubbah







• [Stormy Watchtower]: Storm Master Zuu







• [Desert Dragon Temple]: Loyal Follower Kajif










• [Desert Dragon's Resting Place]: Desert Dragon Jakard






◆ Entry Information









◆ Nest Rules

1. Time Attack

※ Stages 1 - 3 have a combined time limit and the timer does not stop until all three stages are cleared.

※ Players can play stages 1 - 3 in any order and if the 3 stages are cleared within 15 minutes (in any order) you will be able to proceed to stage 4.




2. Growing Distrust

※ The Growing Distrust Debuff is applied once and spans stages 1 - 3. The debuff will not reset until all 3 stages are cleared.






◆ Desert Dragon Nest Time Attack Mission

• 5 Desert Dragon Nest Time Attack missions have been added.

• There are 4 hidden missions that are not displayed on the mission list. Achieve the hidden conditions and earn special rewards!







◆ Desert Dragon Nest Time Attack Accessories

※ There are three types of Desert Dragon Nest Time Attack accessories, each of which must be acquired a different way.

※ Set effects are applied for Sparkling Sandstone accessories and Blessed Sparkling Sandstone accessories.

※ Although set effects are not applied for Stage Boss accessories, they are powerful on their own.

※ Blessed Sparkling Sandstone accessories offer +6% more physical/magic ATK on top of the stats of Sparkling Sandstone accessories evolved to the max.

※ All Desert Dragon Nest Time Attack accessories except Blessed Sparkling Sandstone accessories can be evolved to a maximum of Stage 2 using the applicable Evolution Hammer.

※ Details on accessory stats can be found in the Item Guide.








◆ Drop Reward

※ Defeat the bosses for each stage in Desert Dragon Nest Time Attack to obtain the stage rewards.

※ Defeat Desert Dragon Jakard at the last stage of Desert Dragon Nest Time Attack to obtain the final reward.








◆ Desert Dragon Shop             

※ The Desert Dragon Shop can be accessed through Priestess of Darkness Chocolate, who is located in front of the Riverwort Wharf Dragon Nest Gate.

※ Desert Black Crystals were added to the Crystal Point Shop.















[2] Changes/additions

 2-1. Hero EXP Potions are provided upon use of alpaca quest materials. 

▶ Right-click alpaca quest materials to obtain a potion that gives 8,000 Hero EXP.

▶ Quests for exchanging alpaca materials have been removed.












2-2. Hero EXP Potions provided upon clearing a mission

Prior to the September update, Hero EXP Potions will be provided upon clearing stage, nest, and nightmare missions.


▶ Clear stage missions to get potions that give 11,320,000 Hero EXP.


▶ Clear nest and nightmare missions to get potions that give 33,960,000 Hero EXP.











 2-3. Main Quest Reward Improvements 

- Existing [New / Returning User] has been included in the main quest compensation improvements, and the components have been changed as follows.



[New User]

- [Just a little more!!] Item is a reward paid at the end of the connection after creating a new character.




- [Welcome!!] The item is a reward that will be paid when you re-login after creating a new character.







[Returning User]

- [Cheer up!!] Item is a reward paid at the end of the return character connection.












 2-4. Other 

■ The [Vena Plaga Begins] item is no longer provided for clearing the Vena Plaga tutorial.


■ We have changed the [Beginner Adventurer’s HP Potion] x5 and [Beginner Adventurer’s MP Potion] x5 provided for creating a character to [Hero’s Emergency Medicine] x10.


■ Players can now select up to “Labyrinth 5F” for the difficulty of stages within the Grey Ruins World Zone.


■ The following items can now be sent to server storage: Traces of Twilight, Essence of Twilight, Guide Star, and Lagendia Torch.


■ Right-click the Goddess's Lament item to get 100 Community Points.

■ Gold is no longer provided in the box unlocked for defeating the Green Dragon.


■ The gold obtained in [Catastrophe Red Lotus Palace] and [Red Lotus Maze] content has been changed so that it has designated ownership, meaning it can be acquired individually by each character.

■ Gold is no longer provided upon defeating stage bosses at lower levels (Lv.1-94).


■ Honor Coins will be destroyed upon withdrawing from a guild.

• Guild Honor Coins in possession will be destroyed upon disbanding a guild/withdrawing from a guild/being expelled from a guild.














 3-1. EVENT- Storm of Time and Space - Crash-Bang! Alpaca Ranch 



[EVENT] Storm of Time and Space has changed.

• Use mighty and powerful alpacas to defeat the wolf Lycanthrope!

• The wolf weakens when stunned. Attack it when it is stunned and falls down!

• The gate to the alpaca ranch only opens when both bells on each side are ringing.

• Good things happen when you stop the wind from blowing.

• Maybe a suspicious alpaca will show up...?!



• Success: Defeat the wolf within 5 min

• Failure: 5 min elapses or one person (or more) dies.



* If one of your companions is a ‘solo matchmaking hero’ you will have more luck.







 3-2. August Attendance Event 

• Players will get one 'Goddess Coin' as an attendance reward with each daily login from August maintenance until the next update.

• You can exchange 30 Goddess Coins for a ‘Deep Twilight Box (Class-exclusive Armor)’ through ‘Priestess of Darkness Canele’, located in ‘Sunset Watchtower’.

• You can exchange 10 Goddess Coins for a 'Goddess Heraldry' in the 'Skill Heraldry Shop' > 'Goddess Heraldry' tab.









 3-3. Other 

◆ Other

• Corrected the bug deleting regular items or preventing them from being received from the mailbox when they are enclosed with an item that has passed its validity date.











[4] Cash Shop

 4-1. Epic Costume: Marine Costume 







- Epic Costume has released from August patch.

- Epic Costume is available to purchase with EYET and DNP.














- Rare Costume’s price will be discounted from September target.
















 4-2. Aisha on the Beach Egg 




Sales Period: After the maintenance of August 5 ~ September 9 23:00 (PDT)



• Transformation Look







Wings / Tail / Decal / Necklace 












- Aisha on the Beach Egg has updated.

- If Hero wants to transform to Aisha, Wings / Tail / Decal / Necklace and 2 weapons of Aisha on the Beach will be needed. 

- Aisha on the Beach Egg contains Aisha on the Beach Wings / Tail / Decal / Weapon Exchange coupon / Aisha Spirit as key item with certain rate. 

- Aisha on the Beach Egg shares Potential gauge with Hero Eggs.

- Aisha on the Beach Egg is only available to purchase by EYET and DNP.












 4-3. Hair Dye Added 



- Hair Dye Item has added to Cash Shop.



• Hair: Lemon Chiffon



• Hair: Royal Plum





• Hair: Royal Red












 4-4. Crystal Point Shop: Baywatch Costume 

• Look




• Status




• Note

- Baywatcher Costume has added to Crystal Point Shop.

- Baywatcher Costume package is available to purchase with 300,000 Crystal Point.














 4-5. Other 

• Saviour Costume will be remained in August target.