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UPDATE [Patchnote] September Patchnote 09. 08. 2020 Views 21768

[1] Updates

1-1. Vandar

1-2. ART Upgrade

1-3. Hero Skills

1-4. Hero Levels

1-5. New Dragon Jade [Vibrant Dragon Jade] Added

1-6. Minos Armor Evolution - Insight Minos Armor

[2] Changes/additions

2-1. Dash Skill

2-2. Skila Equipment Disassembly

2-3. World Weekly Tasks Added

2-4. Cerberus Nest Beginner Party Leader Reward Changed

2-5. Premium Dimension Rabbit

2-6. Character Default Slot Expansion

2-7. DOF Game Settings Added

2-8. 2 Types of Guild Buffs Deleted

2-9. Changes to Dragon Nest

2-10. Preview of Expected October Changes

2-11. Hero Level EXP Increase Potion Removed

2-12. Other

[3] Balance

3-1. September Skill Balancing

[4] Event

4-1. September Attendance Event

4-2. Other

[5] Cash Shop

5-1. Costume: Raincoat Costume

5-2. Special Lagendia Pandora Box and Pandora Point Shop

5-3. Premium VIP Coupon Change 

5-4. Pet 4.0: Hedgehog 

5-5. Change



[1] Updates

 1-1. Vandar: New Character Creation 



One character per account can be created using [Create Character] – [Vandar].

When the tutorial ends, you will begin at Lv.90.









 1-1. Vandar: Specialization Line Composition 











 1-1. Vandar: Weapon Used 









 1-1. Vandar: Explanation of Main Duelist Skills (2nd Specialization) 















 1-1. Vandar: Explanation of Main Trickster Skills (2nd Specialization) 




















 1-2. ART Upgrade 







 1-3. Hero Skills 



◆ [Hero Skill Update]

- Introducing the new [Hero Skills] for all secondary classes.








◆ [About Hero Skills]

- [Hero Skills] were created to introduce a new dimension to Dragon Nest combat.

Individual combat increases the [Hero Skill Gauge] and a fully charged [Hero Skill Gauge] can be used to activate [Hero Skills].

- We will continue to add new [Hero Skills] through future updates and these skills will be diversified with various usage conditions and presentation effects.




◆ [Hero Skill Guide]

- When the [Hero Skill Gauge] is filled to 100%, pressing a designated shortcut key will activate the [Hero Skill] and use up the recharged gauge.







- Refer to the tooltips for each [Hero Skill] to check out the conditions for filling the [Hero Skill Gauge].










◆ [Learning Hero Skills]

- To learn [Hero Skills], you must meet all the necessary conditions, then complete the [Hero] quest.



- Once the conditions are met, the exclusive UI for [Hero Skills] will become accessible and you will be able to receive [Hero] quests. However, you will not have learned a [Hero Skill] yet.




- Only after completing the [Hero] quest can you fill the [Hero Skill Gauge] through combat and become able to use [Hero Skills].

- You can receive [Hero] quests through Geraint (existing characters), and Kanna (Vandar) in Red Lotus Palace Main Street.

- The shortcut for [Hero Skills] is initially set as the F12 key. This can be changed in [Control Settings].

  However, in the event you have already changed from the default shortcut key settings,

  the [Hero Skill] shortcut key setting will be blank (not assigned to F12) and must be assigned manually in [Control Settings].






◆ [Hero Skill-enabled Regions]

- These are regions where [Hero Skill] use is enabled and where the gauge is reset.






 1-4. Hero Levels 

◆ [Growth] Quests Added

※ We have added [Growth] quests that you can use to repeatedly gain Hero Level EXP.

※ [Growth] quests can be carried out through each class master NPC.








◆ NPC for Accepting Quest












Quest Material Item

※ You will have a certain chance (determined by the difficulty level) of acquiring [Bubble Coral] upon clearing Mission Bulletin Board missions.

※ [Bubble Coral] can be purchased at the Crystal Point Shop for 6000 Crystal Points.

※ [Bubble Coral] can be purchased at the Mission Bulletin Board Shop for 30,000 Hero's Blood, Sweat, and Tears.

※ You can complete a quest upon speaking with the quest NPC while in possession of 1 [Bubble Coral] and 400 gold.






◆ Quest Rewards

※ You can acquire [Coral Jelly] upon completing a [Growth] quest.

※ Use of [Coral Jelly] gives 126,773,800 Hero Level EXP.

※ [Growth] quests can be carried out repeatedly.






◆ Hero Level EXP Potions Removed

※ We have removed the Hero EXP Potions added as mission rewards in the August 2020 update.



◆Dungeon Clear Hero Level EXP Removed

※ Hero Level EXP can no longer be acquired for clearing dungeons.









 1-5. New Dragon Jade [Vibrant Dragon Jade] Added 



◆ Developer's Comment

▶ Greetings, heroes! We have added Vibrant Dragon Jade as a follow up to Battle Jade.

Vibrant Dragon Jade is designed to give a sense of explosive growth.

We have also prepared elements for heroes who are using Enhanced Flawless Battle Jade and Legend Grade Warrior Dragon Jade.

The following is an explanation of the characteristics of Vibrant Dragon Jade and other basic information.





◇ Vibrant Dragon Jade Characteristics

1. Sense of Explosive Growth

▶ Even heroes at a lower stage in development can get to +10 quickly.

This way you'll feel like you have grown stronger much faster than before.



2. Expanded Enhancement

▶ With enhancement now expanded to a maximum of +20, Dragon Jade can be developed further than before.



3. Distinctive Dragon Jade with Unique Names and Stats

▶ Dragon Jade has been segmented into various types just like with Talisman of Destruction. (e.g. Critical has been added to [Vibrant Critical Attack Dragon Jade].)

This way heroes can make use of an array of settings based on required stats.






◇ Vibrant Dragon Jade Basic Info

▶ [Vibrant Dragon Jade] is divided into Attack and Defense Dragon Jade, like other types of Dragon Jade.




▶ The types of stats that can be added differ for Attack and Defense Dragon Jade.

- e.g. For [Vibrant Combat Attack Dragon Jade], an additional 40,000 Physical/Magic ATK will be added to the default stats.

- There are also Attack Dragon Jade types with certain attributes. Stats added based on the name of the jade will be the same as previous Attack Dragon Jades.





- e.g. For [Vibrant Ultimate Defense Jade], one of Final Damage + HP or Physical DEF or Magic DEF will be added to the default stats.









◇ Vibrant Dragon Jade Acquisition Method


1. Defeat Nest Bosses

▶ You have a certain chance of acquiring Vibrant Dragon Jade after defeating a nest boss.

▶ The acquisition rate increases the greater the difficulty of the nest.

- Attribute Attack Dragon Jade cannot be obtained after defeating bosses. They can only be acquired by purchasing them at the Nest Shop.



2. Nest Shop

▶ The newly added Weekly Task [Clear any nest 7 times] reward Dragonsoul Jewel can be exchanged for a desired Vibrant Dragon Jade at the Nest Shop.

- Ultimate Dragon Jade with Final Damage cannot be purchased.









◇ Vibrant Dragon Jade Enhancement Info


▶ Enhancing Attack Dragon Jade increases ATK and ATK %.

▶ Enhancing Defense Dragon Jade increases ATK and HP %.

▶ Enhancement does not increase added stats.











◇ Material Required for Vibrant Dragon Jade Enhancement


◇ The materials and amounts required for Vibrant Dragon Jade enhancement.

▶ [Red Dragonsoul Powder is required for enhancing Attack Dragon Jade], [Blue Dragonsoul Powder is required for enhancing Defense Dragon Jade]. Other than these two, the materials required are the same for both.

▶ For information on how to acquire this material, please refer to the section below called [Vibrant Dragon Jade Enhancement Material and Acquisition Methods].








◇ Vibrant Dragon Jade Enhancement Material and Acquisition Methods

1. Dragonsoul Powder




▶ [Red Dragonsoul Powder] is acquired for disassembly of Vibrant Attack Dragon Jade, and [Blue Dragonsoul Powder] is acquired for disassembly of Defense Dragon Jade.

- A great amount of powder is acquired for disassembly of Vibrant Ultimate Dragon Jade.

▶ Material required for enhancing Vibrant Dragon Jade from +10~20.





2. Platinum Stone




▶ Can be acquired [as a reward for clearing mission nests] or purchased at the [Crystal Point Shop] run by [Merchant Agave located in Red Lotus Palace].

- You will obtain an increased amount of Platinum Stone the greater the mission nest difficulty.

▶ Material required for enhancing Vibrant Dragon Jade from +1~10.









3. Platinum Ingot


▶ [Has a small chance of being acquired as a reward for clearing 11F or higher in a mission nest. Can also be acquired in exchange for 50 Platinum Stones at the blacksmith's Craft Item window.

▶ Material required for enhancing Vibrant Dragon Jade from +11~20.









4. Dark Crystal


▶ Can be acquired through selectable Gold/Silver Boxes after clearing a nest and, the amount acquired increases depending on the difficult of the nest.

▶ Material required for enhancing Vibrant Dragon Jade from +1~10.









5. Concentrated Darkness Crystal


▶ Can be acquired in exchange for 50 Dark Crystals in the blacksmith's Craft Item window.

▶ Material required for enhancing Vibrant Dragon Jade from +11~20.










◇ Material provided for disassembly of enhanced Flawless Battle Jade & Legend Grade Warrior Dragon Jade


▶ Vibrant Dragon Jade enhancement material will be provided for disassembly of [Flawless Battle Attack Dragon Jade] or [Legend Grade Warrior Attack Dragon Jade] enhanced to +1 or higher.

▶ The higher the Dragon Jade is enhanced, the more material will be acquired for disassembly.


◇ Material provided for enhanced Vibrant Dragon Jade disassembly

▶ All materials used for enhancing Vibrant Dragon Jade to its current level will be returned upon disassembly

(However, from +1~10, 1 Platinum Stone will be deducted and, from +11~20, 1 Platinum Ingot will be deducted.)




◇ Vibrant Dragon Jade Evolution

▶ After clearing nest 6F or higher, there is a small chance [Stronghammer Dragon Jade Refiner] can be acquired from selectable Gold/Silver Boxes.

▶ When used on a Vibrant Dragon Jade, it will be promoted one Dragon Jade grade and gain a 1% attribute attack power stat.

▶ As with similar Dragon Jade types, this can be used a maximum of 2 times.

▶ [Stronghammer Dragon Jade Refiner] can be traded.







◇ Other Details

▶ While Platinum Stone is provided as a nest mission reward, Lapis will no longer be rewarded.

Lapis can instead be obtained through Stage Missions or exchanged in a 1 for 1 deal for Platinum Stone with Merchant April, who is located in Merca's Heart.


▶ Extracted Battle Jade Dust can no longer be obtained from nest Gold/Silver Boxes.












 1-6. Minos Armor Evolution - Insight Minos Armor 

◆ Developer's Comment


Greetings, heroes.

The core focus of this Minos Armor Evolution update is “expanding the range of equipment.”

In the future, we plan to expand the farming of equipment to all areas of content in the game,

continuing to develop on the crafting/evolution of equipment that requires a variety of materials and enhancement levels.



◆ Minos Armor Evolution Update – Insight Minos Armor

※ The new armor [Insight Minos Armor]. has been added.

※ This can be crafted by evolving [Minos Armor] using [Insight Minos Souls].

※ It has the same capabilities as [Minos Armor], and shares the same set buff as Minos Equipment.

※ A [Skill Effect] has been added to Insight Minos Armor (PvE only).

※ A designated skill for each secondary class will get a buff for [inflicting additional damage when landing a critical hit].

※ The skill effects of each armor part can be stacked.



◆ Insight Minos Armor Info




◆ Info on [Insight Minos Armor] Skill Per Secondary Class

※ This is a list of skills per secondary class that receive the added effect of [Insight Minos Armor].





◆ Blacksmith Craft Item – Insight Minos Soul

※ The ability to craft [Insight Minos Soul] for each character and armor part has been added to the [Blacksmith - Craft Item – Craft Set Equipment] menu.

※ [Insight Minos Soul] can be acquired for each character and armor part using the blacksmith Craft Item feature.






Blacksmith Craft Item – Cube

※ The ability to craft cubes needed for crafting [Insight Minos Souls] has been added to [Blacksmith - Craft Item – Common Goods].

※ The treasures and cubes added in this update will continue to be used in future updates.







◆ [Treasure] Missions Added

※ We added a [Treasure] Mission in which [Hearty Herbal Soup (Treasure)] is guaranteed as a reward.






◆ Invader Rewards Added

※ [Invader's Horn (Treasure)] will be dropped at a very low rate after defeating the normal Invader in stages on Labyrinth 6F or higher.



◆ Volcano Nest, Typhoon Kim Nest Rewards Added

※ [Burning Ashes (Treasure)] will be dropped at a very low rate after defeating the boss in Volcano Nests on Labyrinth 6F or higher.

※ [Mottled Skull Charm (Treasure)] will be dropped at a very low rate after defeating the boss in Typhoon Kim Nest on Labyrinth 6F or higher.




Merchant April Shop Items Added

※ [Golden Egg (Treasure)] can be purchased for 10,000 100,000 gold at Merchant April's shop in Merca's Heart.








[2] Changes/additions 

 2-1. Dash Skill 

◆ Changes to Default Character Skills

[Dash] has been added to the skills characters have learned by default upon creation.

The maximum skill level is 1, and the existing effects of level 5 are applied.






 2-2. Skila Equipment Disassembly 

■  Skila equipment can now be disassembled.

■  Skila equipment disassembly will yield a certain amount of Celestones.

■ Disassembly of Skila armor enhanced to +17 or higher will yield a pouch of Celestones.

■ Disassembly of Skila weapons enhanced to +16 or higher will yield a pouch of Celestones.


※ The higher the enhancement level, the more Celestones will be acquired.






 2-3. World Weekly Tasks Added 

◆ World Weekly Task reward changed

• The reward for completing World Weekly Tasks has been changed.

• Changed World Weekly Task will be applied on Saturday. 









 2-4. Cerberus Nest Beginner Party Leader Reward Changed 

▶ With the addition of the new Dragon Jade (Vibrant Dragon Jade), it has been determined that [Extracted Battle Jade Dust],

a material item that has been given as a reward up to this point, is not particularly necessary for new heroes.

We have therefore removed [Extracted Battle Jade Dust] and will provide Lapis and Dragonsoul Jewels instead.








 2-5. Premium Dimension Rabbit 

<Premium Dimension Rabbit>





◆ Premium Dimension Rabbit

■ We added a dungeon containing the [Premium Dimension Rabbit] that appears when you clear a dungeon using a [Premium Stone].








 2-6. Character Default Slot Expansion 

◆ The number of character slots has been expanded.

- Max. number of characters that can be created: 20 → 21 









 2-7. DOF Game Settings Added 

◆ Added a feature for controlling DOF game settings

• A feature for controlling DOF (Depth of Field) settings has been added.

• This feature blurs objects that are near or far away. Performance will improve when it is not in use.









 2-8. 2 Types of Guild Buffs Deleted 

◆ 2 types of guild buffs have been removed

• 2 types of guild buffs have been removed from the [Guild Rewards]-[Guild Bonus] list.

• Additional Hero EXP Lv1~6: Removed to reflect the changes to the methods available for acquiring Hero EXP.

• Weapon Strong Durability Lv1~6: Removed to resolve the bug where the buff did not apply upon death or giving up a stage.










 2-9. Changes to Dragon Nest 

◆ [Gust Dragon Nest]

- The shield of Mukheun, who assists you in the battle against Gust Dragon Jade, will now be maintained until the Gust Dragon’s pattern ends.

Developer's Comment: Previously, Mukheun’s shield only lasted for a certain amount of time, and this was meant to be a strategic element in terms of properly timing shield activation when attacking.

However, due to the lack of transmission of the corresponding pattern attack elements, pattern failures felt like bugs in certain situations.

So in order to minimize the discomfort felt by heroes and allow them to have an enjoyable experience when playing, we changed the duration of Mukheun’s shield.


◆ [Desert Dragon Time Attack]

We changed the durability of Desert Dragon Jakard’s sand bind pattern in Labyrinth 15F difficulty to make it seem more significant.



◆ [Forest Dragon Nest]

- When the Tree of Life is present, All ATK will be reduced 100% and a debuff that disables skill use will be inflicted when you do not have Bound Spirit or Twisted Soul status.

- Weakening Fog debuff now reduces All ATK 100% instead of 80%.













 2-10. Preview of Expected October Changes 

◆ Sale of items related to Stage, Nest, Nightmare, and Slayer Points will come to an end

- With the October update, items that can be purchased using Stage, Nest, Nightmare, and Slayer Points will no longer be for sale.



◆ Hero’s Battlefield Content Closing

- Hero’s Battlefield content will come to an end with the October update.







 2-11. Hero Level EXP Increase Potion Removed 

- Hero Level EXP Increase Potion will be removed from September target.

- Hero Level EXP Potions will be replaced by Crystal Point druing the maintenance of September 9. 

 Please refer to below.








 2-12. Other 

■ Deleted Shedding Tears, Spreading Sorrow of the Goddess, Perfect Problem Solver titles from the Blood, Sweat, and Tears Shop, and added Gold Lotus Crowns and the Problem Solver Costume.


■ Advanced difficulty is now accessible after clearing Sparta Goblin Returns.


■ Hero Level EXP Potions have been removed from Adventurer Missions.


■ Added Adventure Keys to Nightmare Mission rewards.


■ Guide Stars can now be sold and repurchased at item shops.


■ Fixed the bug preventing the expected items from being displayed when attempting Enhanced Desert Dragon Nest TimeAttack Accessory disassembly.


■ Revised the locations where [Golden Goblin Coins] can be obtained.


■ Improved Legend Weapon Converter tooltips.


■ Changed the name of the Priestess of Darkness’ Stage Point Shop to Stage Shop.

- Removed the limit placed on the number of Hope Flowers that can be purchased using Stage Points



■ Changed the name of the Priestess of Darkness’ Nest Point Shop to Nest Shop.



■ Changed the name of the Priestess of Darkness’ Nightmare Point Shop to Nightmare Shop.

- Removed the limit placed on the number of Rare Hero Pouches and Hero Synthesis Devices that can be purchased using Nightmare Points.



■ Added "(Old)" in front of the remaining Dragon Jade (other than Guild Enhancement Dragon Jade) located in the Craft Item’s [Dragon Jade/Talisman] tabs.



■ Completely removed "Lv95" from the lists in the [Common Goods] [Dragon Jade/Talisman] tab.



■ World Daily Task's reward Item 'Kesse's Fragment'  and 'NPC Kesse's Store' will be removed in September target. 










[3] Balance

 3-1. September Skill Balancing 

Modified 2nd specialization skill specifications for some classes.











[4] Event

 4-1. September Attendance Event 

• Players will get one 'Goddess Coin' as an attendance reward with each daily login from October maintenance until the next update.

• You can exchange 30 Goddess Coins for a ‘Deep Twilight Box (Class-exclusive Armor)’ through ‘Priestess of Darkness Canele’, located in ‘Sunset Watchtower’.

• You can exchange 3 Goddess Coins for a 'Goddess Heraldry' in the 'Skill Heraldry Shop' > 'Goddess Heraldry' tab.









 4-2. Other 

■ Storyteller Kathy’s Shop will be removed during the September update and maintenance.














[5] Cash Shop

 5-1. Costume: Raincoat Costume 







▶Price: 14,900 Cash 

▶Grade & Status: Rare Grade



※ Epic Costume (Marine Costume) is stilll available to purchase in Cash Shop.












 5-2. Special Lagendia Pandora Box and Pandora Point Shop 

- Special Lagendia Pandora Box 1 ea / Special Lagendia Pandor Box 10ea have released in September Update.

- Red Lotus Palace Gacha-Box cannot be obtained from September target.






▶Special Lagendia Pandora Box Composition Item List




▶Raspberry Lace Trimming Wings/Tail/Decal








▶Pandora Point Shop

- With Pandora Point from Special Lagendia Pandora Box, Heroes can exchange the items from Pandora Point Shop.

- Pandora Point Shop's Item list changes every month. 








 5-3. Premium VIP Coupon Change 

- As noticed, Premium VIP Coupon has changed from September target.



▶Price (EYET only Purchase Available) 




- Irine's Daily Gift Box gives Platinum Stone 1ea, Lapis 5ea, and Gold Lotus Crown 5 ea everyday. (Discount Coupon is not included!)

- Only Heroes who already purchased Premium VIP Coupon before September target update, the discount coupon still available to use. 

  With discount coupon, Heroes can purchase Premium VIP Coupon (New version which has updated on September) with discounted price.








 5-4. Pet 4.0: Hedgehog 






▶Hedgehog Legendary Accessories

• [Hedgehog] Spiny Style





• [Hedgehog] Cherry-Scented Top Hat


• [Hedgehog] will be updated in September target and available to exchange with [Love of Friends 10ea] at NPC Lindsay. 

• [Snow Leopard] will not available to exchange from September update. 

• How to get Legend Pet Accessories?

- Disassemble the Legend Pet and Acquire [Heart Pounding Pet Accessory Pouch Exchange Coupon].

- Exchange with [Heart Pounding Pet Accessory Pouch] at NPC Lindsay's Pet Shop.

- Open the [Heart Pounding Pet Accessory Pouch].

- [Heart of Friend] or [Legend Pet Accessory] randomly acquirable from [Heart Pounding Pet Accessory Pouch]. 






 5-5. Change 

- Aisha on the Beach will be removed from Cash Shop.

- Red Lotus Palace Gacha-Box will be removed from Cash Shop.