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EVENT [GM EVENT] Make Our November ! 10. 25. 2020 Views 1178




[GM EVENT 1: Oh My Dear!] (CLOSED)













(Street Nearby Dragon Nest Studio)












Is there another season as romantic as autumn?
Write a letter to the ones you love most with your romance, heart!











[Event Period]






4 days


After November 4th scheduled maintenance starts

                          ~ until November 8th 23:59 (PST) 
















[How To Participate?]








① This event is conducted through a Twitter post. Please participate by commenting on the event post.
※Event posts will be uploaded after maintenance starts on November 4th.




Go to Twitter Post (Click)









Specify your IGN and the recipient you want to send the letter

 Lastly, fill in the mail body. Like the example below!





※Please choose your recipient between the Dragon Nest NPC or Character.
※Please be sure to write a letter in English only.
※ In accordance with the Twitter policy,
please write within a maximum of 280 characters in English.

















Dear Argenta,



Please come back to us QAQ

You don't know how many NA people wait for your return!

We miss you so much! We love you♥


From. [GM]Loren














③ The letters submitted as comments through the above process 1~2

will be carefully reviewed by GM and service personnel!

We will announce a total of 10 winners on November 12th through notice and Twitter. (PST)

The 10 event winners will receive the following rewards!
















[Event Reward]








 DNP 50,000

Love Of Friend Pouch (2)

Minos Lebrium (10)

Special Posting on Dev's Note (details ▼)
















[Special Posting Example]







The contents of the winning letters will be imaged as shown below and uploaded to the dev's Blog!






※The reward image is scheduled to be posted by November 27th,

and there may be changes depending on the progress of the work.




※ Among the winners, if you would like to work on your own letter image,

please forward a JPG file through 1:1 inquiry by November 20th. 

In this case, please meet the above deadline.















[Winner Announcement]










Happy to announce the 10 winners of the November GM Twitter event!





(IGN List)

























Special image postings will be uploaded by November 27th, and if you want to work on your own images,

Please submit in 1:1 inquiry by November 20th, 23:59 PM (PST).























①This event is based on an account basis and only 60~95 level characters can receive the rewards.


A single account can participate only one time for this event. (participation limit)


③GM's decision is final.
















[GM EVENT 2: Friday On and On]








Every Friday in November! [GM] Loren supports enhancement supportive items for you all.

Login every Friday and claim the rewards below from your special storage!

Everyone good luck and get a win against Blacksmith!












[Event Period]







4 days




PDT Standard





2020.11.06 00:00 ~ 23:59 

2020.11.13 00:00 ~ 23:59 

2020.11.20 00:00 ~ 23:59 

2020.11.27 00:00 ~ 23:59 

















[Event Reward]







Item Protection Magic Jelly (1,000)

Lebrium Point (20,000)

Lapis (60)

Gold Lotus Crown (50)



















①This event is based on an account basis and only 95 level characters can receive the rewards.



Another enhancement event will be together! So don't miss it out as well!



③GM's decision is final.