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UPDATE [Patchnote] January Patchnote 01. 04. 2021 Views 10847

[1] Update
1. Vandar REMAKE
- Vandar Black Label Remake - Skill Balancing (PvE)
- Vandar Black Label Remake - Skill Balancing (PvP) 
2. Chapter 3: Unshakable Chains
3. 2 Vandar Exclusive Side Quests Added

[2] Changes/additions
1. Crystal Point Shop Changes
2. Auto-Box Open Convenience Improvements
3. Gosuk’s Precious Box Contents Changes
4. Vibrant Variant Enhancement Dragon Jade
5. Dungeon Soft Renewal for Our Heroes
6. Improved Sense of Growth and Acquisition
7. Conversion Armour +2 Enhancement Upgrade

8. Other

[3] Balance
1. January Balancing (PvE)
2. January Balancing (PvP)

[4] Event
1. Board Game Battle Season 7
2. January Attendance Event
3. Other

[5] Cash Shop
1. January Costume: Fashionista Rabbit Costume
- Christmas Costume (Rare) removes after January update
2. Special Lagendia Pandora Box Update
- Fantastical W/T/D
3. Crystal Point Store Costume Added (Luxurious Aristo Costume)
4. [Hell Fire Nine Tails] Mount 3.0 Update






[1] Update
     1-1. Vandar REMAKE









     Vandar Black Label Remake - Skill Balancing (PvE) 




     Vandar Black Label Remake - Skill Balancing (PvP)  




     Vandar Black Label Remake - Other  





     1-2. Chapter 3: Unshakable Chains





[Main Quest Reward]


[Pouch Info]




     1-3. 2 Vandar Exclusive Side Quests Added


▶ We have added 2 new side quests that can only be played by Vandar.

▶ Speak with ‘Manager Maya’ in Streets of Red Lotus Palace to carry out 1 of these quests.




▶ ‘Swampy Elixir’ can be carried out after completing the ‘Rebuilding a Career’ quest.

▶ Speak with ‘Manager Maya’ in Rhadames to carry out the ‘Swampy Elixir’ quest.






[2] Changes/additions
     2-1. Crystal Point Shop Changes


- We have divided items into the Enhance / General Stock / Seasonal Costume tabs within the Crystal Point Shop and modified the layout of contents to suit each item.
- We also lowered the prices of the Lebrium Points, Minos Lebrium, and Gold Lotus Crowns.




     2-2. Auto-Box Open Convenience Improvements


- Auto-box open targets have been expanded to allow for use on boxes that were not previously applicable.
e.g.) Adventurer's Necessities, Deep Twilight Boxes (Class-Exclusive), High Grade Armor Engraving Pouches, etc.




     2-3. Gosuk’s Precious Box Contents Changes


- Some Gosuk’s Precious Box contents have changed.




     2-4. Vibrant Variant Enhancement Dragon Jade


a) Characteristics

- Vibrant Variant Enhancement Dragon Jade can only be equipped on helmet items.
- This is a bound item that can be sent to Special Storage (requires 3 Premium Storage Tickets)
- It is more powerful than Vibrant Dragon Jade.



b) Basic Info



c) Enhancement Info


[Vibrant Threat Variant Defense Dragon Jade]



[Vibrant Protection Variant Defense Dragon Jade]



d) Acquisition Method


[Gosuk's Shop]




     2-5. Dungeon Soft Renewal for Our Heroes


The annoyance of doors taking too long to open.

The inconvenience of being unable to attack until a pattern is complete.

Irritating monster attacks.


We have made improvements to eliminate these minor aspects that combine to increase the uncomfortable elements of dungeons, causing fatigue and frustration!


Our new improvements were made to ensure that our heroes can fully enjoy the fun of Dragon Nest without sacrificing the individual character of each dungeon.

We will continue to update our heroes on the improvements we make along the way through patch notes.




◆ Closed Ice Valley


▶ The amount of monsters and their regeneration counts have increased across the board.

▶ Revised so that battle tempo progresses with a sense of rhythm.


The amount of Lizardman regenerations has increased.

The Troll regenerates and attacks several times.

Orcs continuously regenerate a number of times.

The amount of Half Golem regenerations has increased.

Destroyed props no longer drop gold.






     2-6. Improved Sense of Growth and Acquisition

- Improved Vibrant Dragon Jade +0 Disassembly Rewards
– Vibrant Attack/Defense Dragon Jade +0 disassembly rewards changed from x1 guaranteed to x1 or the chance to acquire (at a low rate) Red/Blue Dragonsoul Powder x10.
 ※ Rewards for Ultimate Vibrant Dragon Jade and +1 or higher Dragon Jade disassembly remain unchanged.






     2-7. Conversion Armour +2 Enhancement Upgrade


(1) You can now enhance Conversion Armour with Magical Conversion Thread.


(2) Storyteller Kathy Conversion Store

  - Conversion 5 species (not the pouch) will be exchangeable to Magical Conversion Thread

  - Magical Conversion Thread can be purchased in Conversion Store to enhance the conversion armour 5 species and Magical Conversion Thread.


[Conversion Armour Status]

Find out Conversion Armour 1~2 Enhancement Status at : THIS LINK





     2-8. Other


◆ Revised the sections including obtained locations where (old) cube items can no longer be acquired.


◆ Corrected instances of typos appearing in the enhancement record of certain guild history items.


◆ Changed Fatigue Recovery Guide <TIP> content.


◆ [Stage] Shadow of Evil Spirits

- Changed the location where normal Shadow of Evil Spirits collection items can be acquired.


◆ Revised the Item Information window so that Dragon Jade enhancement stages are more distinguishable.




[3] Balance
     3-1. January Balancing (PvE)




     3-2. January Balancing (PvP)






[4] Event
     4-1. Board Game Battle Season 7


- After Jan 9th (Sat) 09:00 ~ until March 6th (Sat) 09:00 (PST, Server Time)


- Tickets, coins, etc. that were available last season cannot be used in season 6.
- Last season's items can be sold in shops for 1 gold.
- The board game is available starting January 9th (Sat) at 9 AM.
[Season 7 Roulette Ticket Acquisition Method & Duration]
- Can be acquired as Stage, Nest, Nightmare Labyrinth and World Weekly Task rewards.



[Board Game Rewards]
- You can earn rewards for clearing each board game stage.
- A variety of items can be purchased from [Storyteller Kathy or Storyteller Sobong - Event Shop] using the board game coins acquired upon completing each stage of the board game.




[Event Shop Sale Items]




     4-2. January Attendance Event


- Players will get one 'Goddess Coin' as an attendance reward with each daily login from January maintenance until the next update.
- You can exchange 30 Goddess Coins for a ‘Deep Twilight Box (Class-exclusive Armor)’ through ‘Priestess of Darkness Canele’, located in ‘Sunset Watchtower’.
- You can exchange 10 Goddess Coins for a 'Goddess Heraldry' in the 'Skill Heraldry Shop' > 'Goddess Heraldry' tab.




     4-3. Other


■ Labyrinth holy relics have been removed from Blacksmith Crafting – Common Goods.

Fissioned (Green/Purple/Red/Gray) Crystal, a Labyrinth holy relic crafting material, has been changed to a collection item.





 Letter from Developer K

Greetings heroes of Dragon Nest. I'm Producer Lee Kyung-nam.


We're all on the verge of completing a transformation of Saint Haven after 10 years.

Due to the changes in the Goddess's dream, all the buildings were newly constructed, and all the NPCs and gates in the town were relocated to new areas. 

Some of you may feel that with these changes Saint Haven, which you have become familiar with after such a long time, offer a pleasant and fresh experience, 

but it is true that having to learn every element of the town anew will cause considerable inconvenience for most heroes. 


Below, I have summarized the restructuring of Saint Haven with the hope that it will help you understand the future changes of its world to a certain extent.


Architecture of a Great City

The new Saint Haven offers the chance to experience a place filled with more magnificence and grandeur.

We focused on the three-dimensional design that was a departure from the existing horizontal layout. We not only wanted to maximize the fun that can be had while moving through the town, but also optimize the experience in general.


Graphic Quality Improvements

Most of the structures that make up Saint Haven have been redesigned to provide more intricate expression and enhanced aesthetics

with improved real-time shadowing and lighting technologies.


Repositioning of Town NPCs

All NPCs deployed in the town have been repositioned so that those with similar roles are gathered in the same place.

This will minimize the amount of unused space in the town and make it more lively as a whole.

In addition, once you understand the overall town composition, you will be able to infer the location of an NPC based on their role, even if they are a new NPC.


Enhanced World Narrative

Mistland and Lagendia are like parallel universes that cannot interact directly with each other.

In order to ensure this storyline makes sense, we redesigned the gate layout and added a new location called the Silver Dragon's Forcefield.


Removed the Teleport Feature

In order for heroes to more fully enjoy the new Saint Haven, all teleportation features except the warp in the central square had to be removed.

Our development team wants the experience of Dragon Nest's world to be one step closer to the essential RPG game.

I believe that all NPCs that make up the world should feel like meaningful characters through direct interaction, and that the gameplay experience in the town can also be part of the adventure.


We hope you can understand and appreciate the new changes to Dragon Nest and join us in making the Dragon Nest world a better place.

We'll be back soon with even better and more interesting updates. Stay healthy and have fun on your adventures!


Thank you. 





[5] Cash Shop
     5-1. January Costume: Fashionista Rabbit Costume


Fashionista Costume (Rare) will be on sale after January update!

Starting of Jan 2021, each costume package includes a hero title with it! Check that out at Cash Shop!


▶ A Package Contents:

5 kinds of Armour (Helmet, Upper Body, Lower Body, Gloves, and Shoes), 2 kinds of Weapons (Costume Weapon, Costume Off-hand)+1 Hero Title


▶ Package Price: 14900 Cash








     5-2. Special Lagendia Pandora Box Update


- Frostheart W/T/D is no longer on sale and Fantastical W/T/D has been added.


> Fantastical W/T/D



- Fantastical wings have a very special feature that can be converted into two versions, either giant and small wings.

- In the town, you can use the ON/OFF button of [Character> Costume] to convert it into a giant wing or a small wing.

- However, in places outside of town, only small wings are will be available.





 ◆ Legend-grade Fantastical W/T/D


- Legendary Brilliant Fantastical W/T/D has a 2-set effect, even if you worn over a Conversion Costume.
- Set Effect: All attribute attack power 5%


▶ How to get a Legend-grade Fantastical W/T/D




 ◆ Legend-grade Fantastical W/T/D skill


- For legend-grade Brilliant Fantastical W/T/D,

Dreamy/Blood Moon/Verdure skills can be added using the corresponding cubes, and skill effects are applied even if you worn over a Conversion Costume.


 How to add Dreamy/Blood Moon/Verdure skills



<Regarding Brilliant Fantastical W/T/D>
- Brilliant Fantastical W/T/D does not have skill effects.
- Brilliant Fantastical W/T/D cannot be traded, Trade Warranty is not available, Server Storage is available.


<Regarding Dreamy/Blood Moon/Verdure Fantastical Tail/Decal>
- Skill effect comes out randomly among 10 job skills.
- Decals/Tails with [Dreamy Skill] can be retried only with [Dreamy Cube].
- [Brilliant Fantastical W/T/D], [Dreamy/Blood Moon/Verdure Fantastical Tail/Decal] 2 sets of effects are activated even if they are mixed and equipped.
- Dreamy/Blood Moon/Verdure Fantastical Tail/Decal cannot be traded, Trade Warranty is not available, Server Storage is available.



[Additional Note Regarding W/T/D]

1. Disassembling one of general unique-grade W/T/Ds gives either [Crystal Point (32000)] or [Shiny White Feather] item through the [Disassembler].

2. Disassembling one of Conversion W/T/Ds gives 1 of [Magical Conversion Thread (W/T/D)] item through the [Disassembler].





     5-3. Crystal Point Store Costume Added (Luxurious Aristo Costume)


Please note that the costume will be given up to Assassin class only.









     5-4. [Hell Fire Nine Tails] Mount 3.0 Update


- [Fire Nine Tails] has been added to Trainer Lindsay Mount Shop.

- [Lord of Baby Dragon] has ended on sale at the Trainer Lindsay Mount Shop.

- [Hell Fire Nine Tails], the final evolution stage of [Fire Nine Tails], is specialized in physical/magic attack power.