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UPDATE (Revised as of 9th Dec.) [Patchnote] December 2021 Patchnote 12. 03. 2021 Views 7060



※ The details of all patch contents may be changed/revised in consideration of the operational circumstance at any time.









[1] Updates





1-1. Brinhild Nest

1-2. Frozen Rune  (Revised as of 7th Dec.) 

1-3. Feel Christmas! : Christmas Object and BGM Update








[2] Changes/Additions





2-1. Adaptability-Frozen World

2-2. Other (Updated as of 5th Dec.) 

2-3. Conversion Special Armor Cap Open +1  (Revised as of 9th Dec.) 













3-1. EVENT– Best Hero Tournament

3-2. EVENT – Storm of Time and Space Changes

3-3. December Attendance Event

3-4. 2021 Christmas Event : Santa Orc's Escape Route

3-5. Other








[4] December Arrivals




4-1.  New 2.0 Costume : Winter Costume (HOT)

4-2.  Special Lagendia Pandora Box Update : Rabbit with a Watch W/T/D 

4-3.  Special Lagendia Pandora Box Update : Romantic Wood Ring/Necklace/Earring

4-4.  Pandora Spirit Box Update : Redy-for-winter Ruby Spirit

4-5.  New 3.0 Mount : Snow Orc Return! (HOT)

4-6.  New Cash Shop Line Up : Pet Scroll Update

4-7.  Conversion Special Armor Box Promotion (CLOSED)

4-8.  Frozen Heart Converter Sale (Return with December Patch) 








[1] Updates



1-1. Brinhild Nest








Story of a Witch with a Frozen Heart




A secret letter has arrived from Cynthia of "Mana Ridge."

It says that there is a problem on Snow Mountain near Mana Ridge. Mana Ridge's sorceresses tried to solve the problem on their own at first, but things didn't go their way.

For Mana Ridge's safety, they swallowed their pride and requested help from the clerics, but even the majority of them were injured and forced to turn back.

The letter also contained the shocking news that the most faithful of all the clerics betrayed them.

 You visited Cynthia to ask about the origin of the incident, but she was reluctant to talk about it and avoided discussing any details.

All she would tell you is that there's a lonely witch in the mountain who is growing her strength day by day.

She then asked you to put an end to that witch's reign over the mountain.










◆ Entry Information


•The Brinhild Nest can be entered and played based on the same conditions as the existing Division Nests.















[Entry Ticket Info]

- The merchant selling Brinhild Nest Entry Tickets is located at the Mana Ridge -> Frost Wind Forest entrance.






[Entry Ticket]


Purchase Requirement: High Grade Essence of Life x100

Usage duration: 1 day after purchase

1 can be purchased per week per character

















[Brinhild's Mask]


Purchase Requirement: Brinhild's Ice Fragment x500









◆ Gate Info








•[Stage 1 (Witch's Snow Mountain Entrance)]: Snow Mountain Recon Dog Pride




The clues you discovered so far as to the whereabouts of the missing Hilde and Aldrick led you to a remote snowy mountain.

While exploring the area for any potential leads, your spine tingled momentarily as if something was watching you.

Soon, a huge beast appeared from the snowy mountain, its long shadow looming as it approached.

"Grrrrr.... Karrrrgggh!!!"

















•[Stage 2 (Cliffs of Snow Mountain)]: Iron Wall Watcher Momog




Upon passing through the entrance of Snow Mountain and climbing the winding mountain path, the mountainside suddenly reverberated, culminating in a landslide.

You hid behind a rising boulder to avoid falling stones,

only to discover that the entrance you came through had become blocked off and a witch's golem who guarded the cliffs was barring the way head.

"Momog? Momooooog!!!"













•[Stage 3 (Before the Cliff Wall Guarding the Sanctuary)]: Faithful Heretic Ludwig




After what seemed like an endless climb up the snowy mountain, you reached a sanctuary that had disappeared from the pages of Mana Ridge's history.

You sensed someone's presence and a suspicious energy in this lonely sanctuary void of human contact.

There, you encountered a corrupted cleric who was guarding the only path leading to the truth of this snowy mountain.


"You have not learned the truth due to your misguided worship of a false goddess.

I saw the truth and discovered the true goddess who I came to serve.

It is my mission to prevent unholy ones like you from entering the sanctuary."


















•[Stage 4 (Frozen Sanctuary)]: Corrupt Sorceress Brinhild



After defeating all the frozen trials and offering up the Ice Crystals, the center of the sanctuary finally opened.

The frozen loneliness of the witch flowing through the snowy mountain tightened around your heart.

Finally, you came face-to-face with the witch's inundating loneliness.




"I shall take your hearts and make them Ice Crystals that shine forevermore."












◆ Brinhild Adaptability Mission







The witch Brinhildhas placed her minions at each stage to keep the adventurers from accessing her sanctuary,
and has made a strong frozen barrier to prevent anyone from reaching her.

Even if you handle all of her minions, it is impossible to reach her unless you can pass through the frozen barrier,
and this can only be accomplished if you can withstand the intense cold energy emitted by it.




•About the Brinhild Adaptability Mission




The Adaptability mission is one that requires strategy, cooperation and satisfying special conditions to be completed.

Each stage has unique characteristics and will not be cleared with ease.


-The Adaptability missions are limited to stages 1 - 3.

-Each stage has 2 potential Adaptability missions.

-These Adaptability missions are selected at random.


You will receive an item called "Brinhild's Ice Crystal" upon clearing each stage's Adaptability mission.

-A "Brinhild's Ice Crystal" will be dropped after each successful stage mission.

-Each "Brinhild's Ice Crystal" acquired will increase your Adaptability points, which are required to break through Brinhild's frozen barrier.

※Having Ice Crystals does not increase your actual Adaptability stat or change its special effect buff.














To enter Brinhild's final stage, you have to break through the frozen barrier.

-Breaking through the frozen barrier requires a certain amount of Adaptability (Frozen World) points.


-The calculation method for determining Adaptability is as follows:
The sum total of the combined Adaptability of all ‘Brinhild's Ice Crystals’ possessed among party members and the Adaptability (Frozen World) stat of each hero in the party.


-If you cannot break through the frozen barrier, you will proceed to the dungeon clear screen and exit the dungeon.

-The required Adaptability varies depending on the number of people entering.








◆ [Drop Item Info Per Stage]






※ The amount of materials dropped changes based on the Labyrinth floor.

※ Acquired Dragon Jade Pouches can be traded.

※ Some items have a chance of being dropped.

※ Wonderful Show Ticket item drop areas have been changed from Balkov Nest and Muertos Nest to Brinhild Nest.







■ Brinhild Nest-exclusive Items



•New items [Frozen Heart (Freeze and Burst)] and [Frozen Heart (Deep Chill)] added.


•Frozen Heart is an item that can be inserted into equipment (Shoes) slots.


•Use the special item [Brinhild's Crystal] to add a slot to the shoes version of [Minos Armor], [Minos Armor (Duplicate)], [Insight, Devotion Minos Armor], [Heavenly Minos Armor], and [Amplified Heavenly Minos Armor].

•When a slot is added, all enhancements, stats, and additional stats are retained.


•2-slot [Minos Armor] enhancement, disassembly, and evolution works the same as for the current 1-slot version.

•Example: +10 Insight Shoes (2-slot) disassembly yields a +10 Minos Shoes (Duplicate, 1-slot) and High Grade Celestone.




















◆ Frozen Heart Item Info









◆ Frozen Heart Item Additional Stats











◆ Frozen Heart Item Crafting



- Can be crafted through the Blacksmith (Craft Item) in each village.

- Craft Tab Location: Craft Dragon Jade/Talismans – Special Dragon Jade – Frozen Heart









◆ Frozen Heart Item Info

























◆ Brinhild Nest Item Info (Material)











◆ Brinhild Dragon Jade Evolution/Stat Conversion Item Crafting





- Can be crafted through the Blacksmith (Craft Item) in each village.

-Craft Tab Location: Common Goods – Precious Item – Brinhild Nest










◆  Frozen Heart Stats Converter








◆ Frozen Heart Ancient Evolution Item Info










◆ Frozen Heart Evolution Info













◆ Frozen Heart Additional Stats Conversion Info













◆ The new items Frozen Heart (Freeze and Burst, Deep Chill) have been added to the Item Guide.

















◆ [Brinhild Nest] Missions



• 4 Clear Missions and 1 Challenge Mission added in connection with the [Brinhild Nest].

• Achieve the special conditions and clear every mission!















◆ [Brinhild Nest] Title Collection





• New Title Collection added.

• Collect all the titles that can be obtained in [Brinhild Nest] to complete the Title Collection and acquire titles with collected title effects.















[1] Updates




1-2. Frozen Rune







◆ Developer's Comment


Hello, Develop S here.


We have developed Frozen Rune items so that you can enjoy a variety of action-oriented skills based on your own preferences.

We hope you will enjoy the fun of new growth with Frozen Runes granting a variety of powerful additional stats.








◆ What are Frozen Runes?




-Frozen Runes are a new item with powerful abilities that can be equipped in the slots of new rune items.

-Frozen Runes grant [additional skill effects]. Each stage grants 1 additional effect (3 in total).

-The previous stage's [additional skill effects] and reseal count will be retained when evolving to the next stage.





















◆ Frozen Rune Types



-There are 4 types of runes (Triangular Rune, Circular Rune, Rectangular Rune, and Trapezoid Rune)

and each rune must be equipped in a specific equipment slot.














◆ Frozen Rune's Additional Skill Effects




-The additional skill effects of Frozen Runes are classified into two categories: class skill enhancement and status enhancement.

Individual grades of each effect can be leveled up 10 times.


-Upon acquiring or evolving Frozen Rune items, additional skill effects are added at random, regardless of the character's class.

-The same additional skill effect can be acquired again and stacked for Frozen Rune items.







◆ Additional Skill Effect – Class Skill Type

















◆ Additional Skill Effect – Stat Increase Per Level

















[Revised as of 7th December│ Due to version verification, our team has decided to bring Critical stat with future Update Patch. Please refer to your gameplay and sorry for giving false information.]













◆ Equipping Frozen Rune Items


 - 4 types of new Rune item slots have been added to the character window’s main tab.













◆ Crafting Frozen Runes




 - Runes can be crafted in the Blacksmith NPC Craft Item menu's Rune/Dragon Jade/Talisman tabs, and the materials consumed vary depending on the type of Rune crafted.

 - Use Unidentified Frozen Runes to acquire Rune items with [Additional Skill Effect]  stats.













◆ Evolving Frozen Runes




 -Unique Grade Frozen Runes can be evolved using the Frozen Rune Chisel (Stage 1) item.

 -Legend Grade Frozen Runes can be evolved using the Frozen Rune Chisel (Stage 2) item.

-The previous stage's [additional skill effects] and reseal count will be retained when evolving a Frozen Rune.

-A different type of Frozen Rune Chisel is required for each Frozen Rune type.

















◆ Frozen Rune Currency




-Additional currency needed for crafting Frozen Runes can be acquired from Fission Maze Labyrinth 15F+.

-Rewards acquired per Fission Maze Labyrinth floor remain unchanged.


※ We plan to create various ways to acquire [Rune Essence], one of the Frozen Rune-related currencies, through a later update.

















[1] Updates



1-3. Feel Christmas! : Christmas Object and BGM Update




Christmas comes to the Dragon Nest!



Developers of the Dragon Nest Studio have decided to provide full support this Christmas for Dragon Nest villages, which had a simple Halloween to help neighbors in need!
From Prairie Town, Calderock, Lotus Marsh, Mana Ridge, Saint Haven to Red Lotus Palace.
You can enjoy Christmas songs and objects in all major villages!



+Bonus! Each loading page exposes Christmas messages from characters representing Dragon Nest and DN Studio Staffs.
(Merry Solo Christmas - Loren)














[2] Changes/Additions



2-1. Adaptability-Frozen World




Adaptability (Frozen World) effects have been expanded.





Adaptability (Frozen World)-applicable nests and minimum recommended amount

-Balkov Nest: recommended minimum of 0

-Muertos Nest: recommended minimum of 10

-Brinhild Nest: recommended minimum of 30




Adaptability (Frozen World) Value-dependent Effects

-A curse will be applied if you have less Adaptability than the minimum amount recommended for a certain area.

Special buffs will be applied and accumulated for every +10 above the minimum amount recommended.













■ Improved the function of equipment replacement limit




 -We have improved the inability to discard or transfer items in the inventory when entering content that restricts equipment replacement.

 -Post: Items from inventory possessed can be deleted and moved.

 When attempting to equip/replace an item in content that restricts replacement, a notification message says [Unable to equip item now].




■ Contents with restricted equipment replacement











[2] Changes/Additions





2-2. Other






◆ Treasure Shop contents added.



•You can exchange three beads of a different class for one of your class beads.

•You can only purchase beads for your class.



















◆Fixed the Mission-Dungeon (Special)-Sunset Training Ground Category Cup Mark (Complete) display so that it appears normally.




◆Frozen Invader Season 2 Changes

- Fixed so that the Invader appears in Archbishop Nest Stage 3.




◆"River Ruins" Stage Changes

-Fixed the bug causing the framerate to drop in the [Hermalte Port] → [River Ruins] Stage.



◆Event Stage - [Miracle Jelly] portal will be closed with the December Update Patch.



◆Fix the issue wherein crash the game client when attempting to craft Ray Mechanic's Multiflexer Skill Heraldry through plate.





◆ Revised so that your Adaptability (Frozen World) total appears upon entry to the Frozen Nest.



Applied Nests:

-Balkov Nest

-Muertos Nest

-Brinhild Nest





PVE Rank and DNP will be reset with the December Update Patch.



Anniversary Web Bingo Event has come to the end. The page will be maintained before starting Scheduled Maintenance on 14th December (PST).




The description of [Dragon Nest Newbie Graduation] chapter will be fixed. (Ticket requirements. 13 → 14) (Updated as of 15th Dec.)


◆The issue wherein unable to complete Beginner's Guide - [Premium VIP Coupon] will be fixed. (Updated as of 5th Dec..)






[2] Changes/Additions




2-3. Conversion Special Armor Cap Open +1 




Conversion Special Armor Cap will be opened up to +1 with the December Update Patch.

※Recommend using the 'Ctrl+R' function to scroll up or save the image to see.




[Revised as of 9th Dec. │ I sincerely apologize for giving false information regarding Tail Part. Please refer to the fixed details below. -[GM]Loren ]

























3-1. EVENT– Best Hero Tournament






◆Best Hero Tournament (4 players)



The <Best Hero Tournament> has returned!





-The <Best Hero Tournament>, where brave heroes put their strength to the test, is back.

-Now heroes at Lv95+ can battle to determine who is the mightiest warrior of all!


※ The stats of competing heroes will be as modified.








Added an entry ticket.

-An entry ticket is required to access the Best Hero Tournament.

-The clear count has been changed to 35.

-Increased the HP of monsters prepared by royal officials.

-Decreased “Spectator's Cheer” buff effects.





[Entry Ticket Info]


Best Hero Tournament Obtained Location

-Acquired for clearing Daily Task [Mission Bulletin Board] missions

-1 can be acquired per day.

-The <Best Hero Tournament> can only be entered using a Best Hero Tournament Entry Ticket.

-Entry Tickets can be used within 1 day after acquisition.




















[Entry Information]



Entry level: Lv.95+

Access Route: Can be entered through the Saint Haven Event Stage World Zone.










-Entry capacity: max 4 players

-Entry ticket item: Best Hero Tournament Entry Ticket x1

-Number of clears: max 35 per week

-Max. revive count: 3 times






[Stage Process]





Stage objective: Fight the monsters chosen by the royal officials and seize victory!

Stage Rules: 

- Player HP, MP restored after clearing each round

• The stage ends if all players are annihilated.




Reward Acquisition Conditions:

-Normal Treasure Chest: Clear 3-Round Boss Stage

-Hidden Treasure Chest: Clear 4-Round Boss Stage




※Auto-revival after clearing 3R, 4R bosses.

※Player stat modifications will be applied for this content.

※You cannot use hero or potion items.









[Stage Components]




After clearing round 3, the players (party leader) can choose whether to enter round 4 or exit the stage.

After clearing round 3, a stage clear count will be deducted.

Reward items can be obtained from treasure chests that appear after clearing rounds 3 and 4.
























3-2. EVENT – Storm of Time and Space Changes







◆ Hands-on with Dragon Nest !




[EVENT] Storm of Time and Space has changed.

December [EVENT] Storm of Time and Space - Hands-on with Dragon Nest! 





• Awaken the soul sleeping within your memories to defeat Apocalypse!

•A total of 12 types of spirits will choose among you.

•However, you may not be chosen due to the whims of these souls.

•The powers of light and darkness have been sealed by the evil intentions of Apocalypse!

• If two spirits come into contact with one another, the transformation will be canceled due to the impact of the collision.

*Make sure you are selected by a new soul when the transformation has been canceled!



















3-3. December Attendance Event





-Players will get one 'Goddess Coin' as an attendance reward with each daily login from December maintenance until the next update.

-You can exchange 30 Goddess Coins for a ‘Deep Twilight Box (Class-exclusive Armor)’ through ‘Priestess of Darkness Canele’, located in ‘Sunset Watchtower’.

-You can exchange 10 Goddess Coins for a 'Goddess Heraldry' in the 'Skill Heraldry Shop' > 'Goddess Heraldry' tab.





















3-4. 2021 Christmas Event : Santa Orc's Escape Route








Santa's Escape Route Stage Now Open!!

-Here's your chance to get [Christmas Coins] from Santa Orc!

You can obtain [Christmas Coins] if you knock down Santa Orc.


















-During the event period, you can acquire [Santa Orc’s Escape Route Map] by clearing General (Event) Missions of Red Lotus Palace.

Blue Raven Territory, Loser's exile place, Red Lotus Palace Garden, Great Arena


-You can exchange [Christmas Coin] for the rewards at [Saint Haven] - [Storyteller Kathy] - [Event Shop] or [Red Lotus Palace Main Street] - [Storyteller Sobong] - [Event Shop].









※Christmas coin disappears once the Christmas event ends.

※The minion, Christmas Strawberry Girl is a durational item. (14-days)

※The shop will be closed with the 2022 February Update Patch. 






Images of Christmas Event Costume





















3-5. Other



◆ The Alteana Nest has closed.









[4] December Arrivals



4-1.  New 2.0 Costume : Winter Costume (HOT)






Price:  29,800 EYET

Grade: Epic

Package Components: Helm, Upper Body, Lower Body, Gloves, Shoes, Main Weapon, Secondary Weapon

*EYEC is unable to purchase and a refund cannot be made for any reason.



※Marine 1.0 costume package will be deleted from the cash shop after the December Update.

※Ater December Update Patch, you can exchange the Winter Costume Weapon by using Synthesis Epic Weapon Exchange Coupon. 

└Exchanging Marine Weapon will not be able anymore accordingly.






>Brown Winter Package














>Deep Purple Winter Package














>Beige Winter Package













 ※Dark Winter Cube will be added to Special Lagendia Pandora Box and NPC Cherry Shop accordingly.













>2.0 Dark Winter Costume (Cube Revolution)




















[4] December Arrivals




4-2.  Special Lagendia Pandora Box Update: Rabbit with a Watch W/T/D 


※Frozen Darkness Weapon Exchange Coupon and Golden Sleek W/T/D will be deleted from the Pandora Box and Pandora Point Shop after the December Update.



























[4] December Arrivals


4-3.  Special Lagendia Pandora Box Update: Romantic Wood Ring/Necklace/Earring


※Sea Captain Accessory Series will be deleted from the Pandora Box after the December Update.


















[4] December Arrivals


4-4.  Pandora Spirit Box Update : Redy-for-winter Ruby Spirit





Ruby, the cute penguin has arrived~!  。◕‿‿◕。

The spirit can be obtained through the Pandora Spirit Box, please check the information below for specifications.

※A one-time basic trade option is provided, and the number of trades can be increased by using the Trade Warranty.





























[4] December Arrivals



4-5.  New 3.0 Mount : Snow Orc Return! (HOT)


※Crazy Duck Swing Series will be deleted from the Mount Shop after the December Update.




























[4] December Arrivals



4-6.  New Cash Shop Line Up: Pet Scroll Update




※EYEC is unable to purchase and a refund cannot be made for any reason.

※Cannot gift and be gifted

























[4] December Arrivals



4-7.  Conversion Special Armor Box Promotion (CLOSED)


To celebrate the cap open, we prepared a special promotion! A golden opportunity for you who are passionate about growth!

※EYEC is unable to purchase and a refund cannot be made for any reason.












[Period and Details]


After December Update Patch on 8th December 2021 ~ Before Scheduled Maintenance on 15th December (PST) / 1 week























[4] December Arrivals




4-8.  Frozen Heart Converter Sale (Return with December Patch) 






[Sale Period]




After December Update Patch on 8th December 2021~ Before January Update Patch on 12th January 2022 (PST) 











*DNP and EYEC are unable to purchase and a refund cannot be made for any reason.