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NOTICE Notice For Recent IP Block Issue 12. 05. 2021 Views 869






Dear NA Heroes,



We, the Dragon Nest service team has been conducting investigations and applying resolutions to accounts that have abnormally affected the server environment using the unauthorized 3rd-party program (e.g., auto/macro/bot, multi-client support program) up to the present.

For these reasons and countermeasures, the resolution detailed below was taken along since last March 10th (PDT).







Subject #1:  When 5 or more accounts (when the 6th account is connected) are connected from one IP at the same time, the corresponding IP block is taken

Subject #2:  All IPs blocked due to subject #1 have been released since March 17th (PDT) after completing the investigation.



It is difficult to provide operational assistance for any reason regarding IP restrictions that occur after the measures are taken, so please be informed of this notice details in advance.

The above measures are expected to be inconvenient for players in an environment where multiple accounts simultaneously access from one IP, such as in a multi-use facility, but please understand that this is an inevitable measure for maintaining stable game service.



※These changes and information are provided now with our current Operation Policy.




Thank you.




Best regards,