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NOTICE (Updated as of June 19th) Lancea Championship Winner Announcement 06. 09. 2022 Views 551


■ Event Details:




(Updated as of June 12th)




Greetings, Heroes.




We would like to apologize that there was an issue with the Sunset Training Ground record data. 


We have re-verified the data and updated the winner list below. 


We are sorry for the confusion and inconvenience. 




Best regards, 







Greetings, Heroes!


The Lancea Championship event is finished with the Update Patch on 8th June.

Cheers to your hard-working effort, and congratulations to those who achieved the high positions.






With this post, we would like to share the list of Top 3 characters of each class

Kindly recommend using Ctrl + F to find your character easily.





[Predetermined Reward Delivery Date]


During the Scheduled Maintenance on 22nd June 2022 (PDT).



※ Event reward expiration date is 7-days midnight of delivery starts.

※ The schedule can be changed/revised anytime with considering operational circumstances.













Also, don't forget to submit your play video for the bonus reward! (Click to the 1:1 Inquiry to submit your video)

※ The title should be "Lancea Championship Verification Video (Your character name)". 

ex) Lancea Championship Verification Video ([GM]Gosuk)







※ The video submission will be received via 1:1 Inquiry until 23:59 16th June 2022 (PDT). 

※ Please make sure your video record has clear time similar to your official Sunset Training Ground Contest record, with no more than 3 seconds difference. 

You may be excluded from the bonus reward if your video record has more time different than the criteria above. 


※ The prearranged dates can be changed in accordance with operational circumstances anytime.

※ Any submission later than the deadline will be neglected.


※ The Video must be available to the public until 30th June 2022 (PDT). 

※ The GMs may request additional videos and/or reconsider the rank up to 1 times if reasonable objection or report with evidence is submitted. 










>Season 5: Sunset Training Ground Contest Winner



rank CharacterName DStep ClearTime >>> CharacterName DStep ClearTime Verification
1 Chubby 22 305 >>> Chubby 22 305 No submission
2 Ginsu 20 225 >>> Ginsu 20 225 No submission
3 Jubilance 19 301 >>> Pikachu 19 174 No submission


Sting Breezer
rank CharacterName DStep ClearTime >>> CharacterName DStep ClearTime Verification
1 Lina 22 245 >>> Lina 22 245 No submission
2 Dexsia 20 305 >>> Dexsia 20 305 No submission
3 Pikachu 19 251 >>> BobaCrakhead 19 249 No submission


rank CharacterName DStep ClearTime Verification
1 NamidaMe 22 213 No submission
2 IceCrumbz 22 309 No submission
3 Stellarie 21 294 Verified


rank CharacterName DStep ClearTime Verification
1 BigWhitez 21 214 No submission
2 GanTaFlurry 19 195 No submission
3 Cawfee 19 243 No submission


Vena Plaga
rank CharacterName DStep ClearTime Verification
1 Nayeonaise 21 180 No submission
2 AlexCaruso 21 251 No submission
3 Azongkalye 20 215 No submission