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NOTICE Prior Notice Regarding Irine's VIP Premium Box Change 07. 20. 2022 Views 685



Dear Heroes,


As the 'Irine's VIP Premium Box' will be greatly restructured as the NA server target in August 2022,  we would like to inform you in advance of the changes predetermined so far along with this notice.
Please refer to your gameplay, and the residual information will be provided in the
August 2022 patch note.








We will release a new [Irine's VIP Premium Package]

-Adventurers can acquire plentiful items required for their adventure such as Frozen Rune along with an [Irine's Sweet Mission Box].
-Can be purchased once a month per character.


-New box key will be also released, Irine's Sweet Mission Box Master Key.

-Use the Master Key to open an [Irine's Sweet Mission Box] without satisfying the conditions required to open it.





※The package including the [Irine, Full of Love Mission Box] bought before the August 2022 Update Patch, will be available to use irrelevant of this change.