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61 Account / Persomal InformationHow Do I Change My Forum Account Email Address?
60 EyeCash / Cash Shop PurchaseI tried to purchase EYE Cash with Credit Card / PayPal, but my transaction keeps getting declined. What should I do?
59 Service TransferI had agreed to the account transfer, but I did not receive email verification after I logged in to the website. What should I do?
58 EyeCash / Cash Shop PurchaseWhat is DNP and how do I get DNP?
57 EyeCash / Cash Shop PurchaseI found a glitch in the EYECash purchase function / Cash Shop function, what should I do?
56 EyeCash / Cash Shop PurchaseI purchased an item in the Cash Shop, my EYE Cash got deducted but I was not given the item, what should I do?
55 EyeCash / Cash Shop PurchaseI did not receive my EYE Cash after top-up transaction done, what should I do?
54 EyeCash / Cash Shop PurchaseWhat are the restrictions for EYE Credit?
53 EyeCash / Cash Shop PurchaseWhat are the limitations for getting EYE Cash?
52 EyeCash / Cash Shop PurchaseHow do I get EYE Cash?