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PUBLIC (3rd Award) [The Best NA Guild Is Here!] - Cute Guild 08. 30. 2020 Views 1601



This post is for the [GM]Guild Event award held in August 2020.

Congratulations to <Cute Guild> for taking 3rd Award!


■Event Notice Link:










1. Please introduce the guild.



The name of the guild is Cute and we are a PvE-centered guild

(mainly focusing on raiding and running high floor nests/maze).










2. The reason why you should come to our guild! 




If you are looking for something that is more serious in terms of enhancing your Dragon Nest experience then join Cute.
Some advantages of joining Cute!



      • Veterans, with a combined 200 years of DN experience, to help enhance your gameplay! 
      • Many geared members to run content with!
      • Active and kind community that is growing everyday!










3. Say something freely to the stray who is hesitating to join the guild!



If you are not sure about which guild to join, join Cute and be Cute!