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1. Updates

1-5. Fission Maze Abnormality / Fission Maze Restructuring

1-6. Reduced Operation of Mission Board Trial

1-7. Map (M) Instant Movement Function Deleted

1-8. Red Lotus Palace Second Update

1-9. Return to Farming Festival (Cooking)









 1-5. Fission Maze Abnormality 



"They might be really angry."



The world made by Vestinel is the mirror image of Lagendia.

So it is no surprise the Labyrinth has moved as far as Mistland.

Watching the fragments of Mistland attach themselves to the outer fringes of the chaotic spatial mess,

Lavinia realized the expression on her face was one she had never made before.She couldn't be sure whether it was one of laughter, or sadness.



"The Labyrinths must not be created anymore…"



As if in response, she could hear the battle cry of adventurers and the booming sound of a Labyrinth wall collapsing.



"They never seem to give up…"



Lavinia listened carefully to the sounds for a time, then began to draw a line with her index finger, tracing out the path for her escape.



"Fine, it's more fun for me this way," she muttered. I hope they don't give up."






<Developer's Comment>

The Fission Maze has been restructured into a 'Challenge Nest' to keep repetitions in game play fresh when warriors are on lower floors,

to instill players with a sense of accomplishment after defeating the giant enemies on higher floors,

and to provide a sense of satisfaction when receiving special rewards for challenges.



The restructured Fission Maze allows players to acquire increasingly more valuable special rewards as they reach higher floors.

We hope you enjoy the thrill of approaching and achieving victory in battles with increasing difficulty,

as well as the rewards befitting such courage that can be attained when playing the Fission Maze.






 Main changes to [Fission Maze] 

<Challenge to reach higher levels & special rewards>

1. Reward Changes

- Once a week each game account can get a special reward for play in [Labyrinth Conquest] based on your "Weekly Top Score."

  (※ For more details on weekly rewards, refer to the [Labyrinth Conquest] section below.)



2. Unlimited Entry Permitted

- Fatigue has been removed for Fission Maze entry, meaning unlimited entry is permitted. (Fatigue consumption 300 → 0

- In return for unlimited entry, gate clear and dungeon clear rewards can no longer be acquired.



※ Developer's Comment

1) To ensure players feel a sense of satisfaction when attempting to reach higher floors, we have greatly improved the rewards provided in the 'Fission Maze.'


2) To players who are tired of repetitive challenges:

    One time each a week, we will give special rewards to players who challenge the Labyrinth!


3) For players who hesitate to take on the challenge to reach ever-higher floors,

    we have eliminated entry fatigue, and entry limits, meaning they can try as many times as they want without concern about failing.

    We recommend forming a party to take on the ordeal together when game play becomes difficult to master alone.





<Labyrinths endangering challengers>

1. Disasters in the Labyrinth and Warnings from Lavinia

   - Regardless of Fission Maze difficulty settings, a calamitous event called [Schism] will strike at the warriors within at a set time interval.

   - Lavinia will appear before the warriors in anticipation of this [Schism].

   - Each time [Schism] is about to occur in the Fission Maze, Lavinia warns the warriors of the impending crisis.



2. Even Stronger Monsters 

   - The monsters in Fission Maze no longer have HP that changes based on the amount of participating party members.

   - Now, monster HP in Division Nest is set to a "four (4)-party member" standard, regardless of the actual number of players in the party.



3. Revive Count Limit Changed

   - Basic revive count: 0 (Life Stone, Revive Scroll use), additional revive count 3 (Hope Flower)



4. The end is in sight

   - After entering the Fission Maze, players are guaranteed to reach the exit (the final boss gate) after passing through five (5) previous gates.



5. Clear Time Limit Changed

   - Time limits have been removed for reaching each gate. There is now an overall time limit for the entire dungeon.

   - Players will have 45 minutes upon initial entry.



※ Developer's Comment

1) The overall difficulty level of Fission Maze has been increased to make battles more edgy and thrilling for players.


2) The Schism that erupts in the Labyrinth creates crisis situations to ramp up combat difficulty to unprecedented levels.


3) With the new overall dungeon time limit, play during previous gates will still have an impact until reaching the final gate.

   Our intent is to have players on edge until the very end.

   But don't be concerned about having limit time to spare for the 5th and final gate.

   Though difficulty is based on a probability rate, we have tweaked the balance as much as possible to ensure difficult gates do not occur in succession.





◆ [Fission Maze] content changes

1. Original Labyrinth reduced from 1-50 → 1-11 floors. New floors [Labyrinth Floor 12] and [Labyrinth Floor 13] also opened.

(※ Please refer to the patch notes under the [Nest Restructuring] title for more details.)



2. Balance tweaked for some monsters.

(※ Please refer to the patch notes under the [Nest Restructuring] title for more details.)



3. Fission Maze content added to PVE ranking board.

- Check as follows: Menu (main shortcut key N) > Ranking (main shortcut key /) > [Nest] tab.



4. Entry no longer requires use of Maze Cores.



※ Fissive Vortex

- Maze Cores will disappear after the Red Lotus Palace update, meaning the Fissive Vortex item will also lose its value.

  Right-click Fissive Vortexes to exchange them for 5000 Crystal Points each.





◆ [Labyrinth Conquest] Fission Maze Weekly Clear Reward

- Rewards will be distributed for players who achieve weekly high scores for floors cleared in [Fission Maze].

- Only information on the highest floors reached by all characters in an account will be recorded.

- Rewards can only be obtained by one character per account each day using the [Get Reward] button.

- Weekly totals on floors cleared each week will be calculated from 7-9 AM each Saturday. Info from the previous week will be deleted.

※ All reward info from the previous week will be deleted, so be sure to collect all rewards before the indicated calculation time.



[Example of Calculation for Reward Distribution]





◆ [Labyrinth Conquest] Components

- Check as follows: Menu (main shortcut key N) > Ranking (main shortcut key /) > [Labyrinth Conquest] tab.







 The [Division Nest] has been restructured! 

▶ Developer's Comment

The [Nest] was designed to be more difficult than stages in many respects.

The difficulty level differs from stages first in terms of the standard of monsters encountered by players as well various other external elements including revive count limits and time limits.

Some players will be pleased with the sense of [challenge and conquest] such difficulty levels will yield, while others may feel obstructed with a sense of [fear and anxiety] as a result.



This restructuring of the Division Nest is meant to skim off the elements causing frustration for certain players upon Nest entry.

Our goal with this restructuring of the Division Nest was to remove various elements considered excessive or unnecessary to the experience in order to eliminate the barriers of [fear and anxiety],

while retaining the pleasure brought by the sense of [challenge and conquest], one of Nest's core sources of value that results from having difficulty levels different from stages.



▶ [Division Nest] Dungeon Changes

- The 5 minute [time limit] for each gate has been removed.

- Life Stone and Revive Stone use limits have been removed.

  (Because revive rules have been made the same as for stages, use of [Hope Flowers] in [Division Nest] have been disabled.)

- Amount of HP/MP restored for each gate cleared has been reduced [100% total HP/MP → 50% total HP/MP].



▶ [Division Nest] Monster Changes

 ※ The changes below have also been applied to [Fission Maze] monsters.


- Now monsters use their [unique skill] somewhat faster than before upon initial encounter.

- The "direct-damage" penalty given to monsters for failing to land an attack using their [unique skill] was deemed too excessive in some cases and has been mitigated.

  → Now when monsters fail to land a [unique skill] attack, they will be given a lower damage penalty than before, but also be inflicted with a [Brand] debuff.

     ※ [Brand]: Recovery disabled and ATK reduced for 30 seconds.

- Monster skill guide effect provided based on a new difficulty level system standard until [Labyrinth Floor 9].

- Reduced the excessive damage inflicted by the "stomp" attack (downward-striking the ground) performed by some monsters.

- Reduced the excessive damage inflicted by "normal" attack of some monsters.

- Slightly reduced the HP of [Mist Nest - Lycan Haylen] and [Serpentra Nest - Sea Dragon Serpentra], and [Daidalos Nest - Crazy Daidalos].

- Slightly reduced the HP of [Volcano Nest – Phoenix Lavanok], [Arch Bishop Nest - Golem Fujinorth], and [Manticore Nest - Manticore Lord Kram].

- Slightly reduced the HP of the barriers of [Guardian Nest - Pell Guardian], and [Daidalos Nest - Guard Scimitar].

- The tornado attack of [Volcano Nest - Phoenix Lavanok] no longer throws warriors into the air.

- The DEF of [Granom Nest - Central Grashinom] increases when it uses its unique skill.

- Slightly reduced the HP of the "Scarabees" summoned by [Professor K Nest - Tenacrune].

- Increased the damage inflicted on [Professor K] upon destroying the Arc Reactor in [Professor K Nest].

- [Serpentra Nest - Golem Montan] now lightly smashes the "Mini Golems."

- Greatly reduced the ATK of the "Trolls" summoned by [Serpentra Nest – Sea Dragon Serpentra].







 We have reduced the number of stages in Nest's Labyrinth! 

- The "Labyrinth stage reduction" applied to all stages during [World Remastering] has also been applied to the Nest.

- The difficulty system is the same as the stages.

- However, each character's shared [open stage info] will not be related to specific stages.

- The current [open stage info] possessed by a player has been changed to the "similar difficulty level of the current highest open stage" of the Labyrinth floor to match the new difficulty system.

- The Labyrinth stage reduction has been applied to "all Nest content" across the board.

  ※ Applied to: all Division Nests, Forest Dragon Nest, Forest Dragon Nest Light, Fission Maze



New floors have been discovered in the Labyrinth! 

- The difficult levels of [Labyrinth Floor 12] and [Labyrinth Floor 13] have been added to all Division Nests.

- The ratio of monster stat increases as you progress from Labyrinth floor 11 to floor 12 and from floor 12 to floor 13 will be the same as before.



[Nest Mission Changes]

The original mission to clear each floor of the Labyrinth separately has been changed as follows:

> The current mission achievement goal remains unchanged, but the content within has been revised.








 1-6. Reduced Operation of Mission Bulletin Board Trial 

The trial period for the [Mission Bulletin Board] has come to an end!

We decided to add the [Mission Bulletin Board] after seeing all the blood, sweat and tears players put into the Adventurer Guild.

Now you can use the Mission Bulletin Board in the [Calderock Village], [Lotus Marsh], and [Red Lotus Palace Main Street].

※ The Mission Bulletin Board Shop can only be accessed in [Saint Haven].



※ Along with the formal kick off of the [Mission Bulletin Board], we have also added [co-op missions] and [alliance missions]!

- Co-op and alliance missions are comprised of "high difficulty party play," and [special rewards] will be provided for completing these missions.

- There are three (3) types of completion requirements for co-op and alliance missions: [a Nest objective], a [minimum difficulty], and a [4-member party].

※ Unlike normal missions, [payment is provided] in two (2) steps for co-op and alliance missions.


1. [Special rewards]: rewards provided to all party members when "at least one member" of a four(4)-member party completes a co-op or alliance mission.

   → For players who have joined a party to help other players, even if they are not currently in the middle of a co-op/alliance mission,

       the "Adventurer Guild's special mail deliverer" will deliver a [Special Reward – "Co-op Reward Box"] directly to all party members once a Nest is cleared.



2. [Mission completion reward]: a reward the "mission holder" in charge of the applicable co-op or alliance mission can receive from the Mission Bulletin Board

   → Received by clicking the [Get Reward] button on the Mission Bulletin Board, just like for normal missions.


3. [Co-op Token Key]

   → You must use a "Co-op Token Key" to open a Co-op Reward Box.

       Only those in possession of co-op missions can receive "Co-op Token Keys" as a [Mission completion reward].

       Otherwise a limited quantity per account can be purchased once a week at the [Blood, Sweat and Tears Shop] or the [Crystal Point Shop].





※ The [Mission Bulletin Board] in Saint Haven has been moved from the east side to the west side (near the Border Gate).

※ [Adventurer Guild Member David], who operates the board shop, has also been moved along with it.

※ In the [Mission Bulletin Board Shop] run by [Adventurer Guild Member David], a Hero's Blood, Sweat, and Tears can be used to purchase items.

※ As part of the [board reorganization project], the following Adventurer Guild boards have been eliminated.






 Mission Requester's Situation 

※ Distinguishing the mission details and objective has enabled more concrete delivery of info on the mission requester's situation and mission resolution.

※ The [Mission Objective] section displayed upon opening the Mission Bulletin Board window has been replaced with the [mission details] section containing info on the requester's situation.

※ The [Mission Objective] section showing the target stage and monster info can be checked in the <Mission (L)> → <Mission Bulletin Board> tab.


※ Once a Mission Objective has been met, a speech balloon will appear above the Menu button.

※ You can close this bubble by clicking OK in the Mission Bulletin Board window or the upper-right close window button.






 Changes Related to Giving Up a Mission 

※ Some changes have been made relating to giving up (deleting) a mission.

   - The wait time for a new mission to appear after giving up a mission has been changed to 72 hours (real time).

     → This applies to all missions except co-op, alliance missions.

   - The amount of Crystal Points consumed for instantly accepting a mission has also been significantly increased.

※ These changes will force players to put more consideration into whether or not to cancel a mission.







  Trial missions Deleted 

※ Some missions that could be accepted during the trial period have been deleted.

- Missions that cannot completed immediately or can be carried out an almost unlimited amount of times will be removed.

 : weekly content (Dragon Nest, Trial Nest, etc.), sub-content (Slayer Nest, etc.)

- Initial phase "stage" missions will be removed.

  : all stages in <Wind Forest>, <Blizzard Plain>, <Cristal Stream>, <Gray Ruins>

- All missions with objectives involving content that can no longer be played have also been removed, regardless of relevance to the above criteria.

  : Wonderful Theme Park, Deep Abyss of Nightmare, etc.









 1-7. Map Instant Movement Function Deleted 

▶ The map's (M) instant movement function has been restricted.

- We have limited the instant movement function via certain NPCs using the existing map (M).

- The only NPCs that can be used for instant movement now are the new warp assistants placed in Saint Haven [in front of the castle entrance] and

  [in front of the Central Fountain]. (Rumor has it there are a few other hidden locations that can be used for warping).




▶ New warp assistants placed in Saint Haven [East Gate, Front] / [West Gate, Front].









 1-8. Red Lotus Palace Second Update 

◆ Fission Maze

The Fission Maze required more challenging content.

- Lebrium acquisition increases as players ascend to higher floors.

- Players also earn [Gold Lotus Crowns] as an additional bonus beginning on the 5th floor.

- Hero EXP acquisition has not been changed.

- A message detailing received rewards has been added when you clear a floor.

※ Expected [Lebrium] price for weekly single-use (per account) content has been increased. Amount of [Gold Lotus Crowns] received per difficulty level also increased.



◆ Trial Nest

- The new currency [Co-op Token Keys] can be acquired from the 8th floor.

- Crystal Point acquisition rates remain unchanged.

- Two (2) types of Chiron/Granom Nests have been added.

※ As players ascend to higher floors they will be given more opportunities to obtain Lebrium.



◆ Sunset Corridor

- Drop rate for rewards after defeating bosses doubled.

- Chances of activating all events doubled.

- Small chance of obtaining [Co-op Token Keys] for defeating bosses.



◆ Sunset Corridor Shop

- [Sunset Corridor Key] price decreased 30%. (Lebrium Points 1000 ▶ 700)

- [Co-op Token Keys] can be exchanged for [Sunset Corridor Keys].

- Ten (10) Map Pieces are now required to exchange for a [Sunset Corridor Map (Entry Ticket)]. (5 pieces ▶ 10 pieces, regardless of whether they can be traded/cannot be traded)

- Purchase of [Sunset Corridor Map (Entry Ticket)] using Sunlit Leaves is disabled.

- New currency [Dimension Traveler Vestiges] can be purchased using 100 [Celestones].

※ Amount of entry currency doubled (along with drop rate), reducing gameplay fatigue while maintaining the same likelihood of satisfaction regarding rewards.




◆ Goddess Equipment

- Equipment HP/ATK/DEF stats have been enhanced slightly.

- The overall cost is the same for max enhancement, but early/mid-level enhance stages feature improved performance.

- Enhancement at +12 or higher offers an additional 192 final damage.



◆ Celestone

- The new currency Celestone has been added. (Trades enabled)

- [Celestone] can be obtained in small quantities around the world.

- Some merchants may sell [Celestone] as a special product.

※ In the future more merchants will have demand for [Celestone]. Currently only [Priestess of Darkness Canele] in Sunset Watchtower sells this item.



◆ Stages

- Consumed fatigue increased (150 ▶ 300)

- Acquirable expected rewards and points doubled. (Except gold)

- After beating the final boss, small chance [Celestone] will be dropped.

- [Gosuk’s Precious Box] not dropped for defeating bosses. (Instead it can be received as a reward for defeating the invader.)

- The 11th floor [Heroic heraldry Plate] drop rate has been reduced by 1/3.

※ We determined that it was too advantageous to constantly repeat the 11th floor dungeon, so we addressed this. In return, we greatly increased the acquisition rate for Battle heraldries of the same ability type.



◆ Labyrinth Invader

- Lebrium is dropped based on the difficulty level.

- Ancient equipment drop rate has been increased.

- 100% drop rate of 1-2 [Gosuk’s Precious Boxes].

- [Co-op Token Keys] will be dropped beginning on the 3rd floor.

- Small chance [Celestones] will be dropped.

- Hero's Blood, Sweat and Tears Point acquisition rate under LV 95 has been tripled.

- The invader's HP and ATK have been greatly increased.

- The invader will leave the battle field after a certain amount of time. However, if its HP falls below 70% it will be binded to the battlefield.

※ We determined that the invader should have a much higher influence on the battlefield. Because it was too weak to fulfill such a significant role, we made it much more powerful. Expected rewards were also greatly improved to reflect this change.




◆ Nest

- Consumed fatigue increased (300 ▶ 900)

- Acquirable expected rewards and points have been tripled. (Except gold)

- After beating the final boss, small chance [Celestone] will be dropped.

- The damage amount required for destroying protect and deal-cut patterns has been greatly decreased.

- If you cannot destroy the protect and deal-cut patterns, a [Brand] debuff and 70% HP damage penalty will be applied.

※ Reflecting the fact that we made it so players can clear the Fission Maze with a lower party DPS than before, this was revised to a more appropriate damage amount.



◆ Maximum Accumulated Fatigue Value Changed

- Maximum fatigue value has been increased x1.5. (7200 ▶10800)

- The daily recovery amount remains at 3600.

※ With fatigue now consumed more quickly, we have made it so players can accumulate fatigue points for 3 days.



◆ Hero's Mission Bulletin Board - Stages

- The amount of stage points and currency rewards has been doubled. (Except gold and boxes)

- Blood, Sweat and Tears rewards have been doubled. (1250 ▶ 2500)

※ As fatigue rises, rewards also increase. However, the gold acquisition rate has been deemed sufficient at the moment, so it remains unchanged.



◆ Hero's Mission Bulletin Board – Nest

- The amount of Nest Points and currency rewards has been tripled. (Except gold and boxes)

- Blood, Sweat and Tears rewards have been increased by a factor of six (6). (1250 ▶ 7500)

※ As fatigue rises, rewards also increase. However, the gold acquisition rate has been deemed sufficient at the moment, so it remains unchanged.



◆ Hero's Mission (High Grade) <Target>, <Counterattack>

- [Co-op Token Keys] have been added as a reward.

- The amount of gold rewarded has been decreased by 1/3.

- Additional reward boxes  have a small chance of containing [Celestone].

※ We reduced gold acquisition amounts for unused/maximum level characters repeating the same mission requests over and over and for players who only carry out premium missions.



◆ Hero's Mission (Party) <Co-op>, <Alliance>

- Co-op/alliance mission difficulty levels have been tweaked. (Floor 8/Floor 9/Floor 10 ▶ Floor 6/Floor 7/Floor 8)

- Nest Points and Blood, Sweat and Tears Points have been removed from co-op/alliance mission rewards.

- [Nest Points x60,000] and [Blood, Sweat and Tears Points x7500] have been added to [Co-op Reward Boxes].

- Crystal Points have been removed from Co-op Reward Boxes.

- An explanatory tool tip on party mission reward sharing has been added.

※ Party mission difficulty settings were too high, leading to unnecessary difficulties for players. We hope these modifications will lead to more players experiencing party mission-exclusive content and earning greater rewards.



◆ Amalgamation of [Co-op Token Key] Acquisition Areas

- Trial Nests: 2 types, more than 8 Floors

- <Target>, <Counterattack> Mission Rewards

- Defeat Labyrinth Invader

- Defeat Sunset Corridor Boss Monster

- [Complimentary Pouch] (Repeating Quest Reward)

- World weekly task [clear Fission Maze once on any difficulty]

- Crystal Point Shop

※ The original way to obtaining the key to Red Lotus Palace was very narrow and restricted. 

   We have therefore placed keys in several areas where they can constantly be acquired in order to ensure fair game play for players in the future.

   We expect companion players to help each other to be able to steadily acquire Lebrium.

※ The existing method of having players acquire by purchasing, restricting the purchase amount per account, was considered difficult.

   It made the process like homework. We made changes so that this item could be obtained through normal gameplay.



◆ Hero's Blood, Sweat, and Tears Shop

- [Gold Lotus Crowns] were added to the items for sale.(10,000 points: unlimited)

- [Lapis] was added to the items for sale.(2,500 points: unlimited)

- [Co-op Token Keys] were removed from the items for sale.

- [Stormbreaker] equipment was removed from the items for sale. (Changed to an achievement reward.)

- Three (3) types of Titles were removed from sale. (Changed to an achievement reward.)

※ Prior to this update, players were forced to avoid buying necessities in order to save up points for expensive items.

   To address this issue, we made it so expensive items could be received as rewards for completing achievements.

   Now players are able to buy and make use of necessary items whenever required.



◆ Crystal Point Shop

- [Co-op Token Keys] were added to the items for sale. (7,000 points: unlimited)

- [Gold Lotus Crowns] were added to the items for sale. (5000 points: unlimited)

- [Lebrium Points (100)] were added to the items for sale. (1,000 points: unlimited)

- [Lapis] was added to the items for sale. (1000 points: unlimited)

- [Co-op Token Keys], [Gold Lotus Crowns], [Lebrium Points (100)], [Lapis], were all removed from items for sale.

※ Crystal Point purchase item prices were made more realistic. The purchase limit was also removed.



◆ Enhance Dragon Jade Improvements (Challenger/Warrior)

- Success rate for enhancing to +1 and +2 has been increased. (70% ▶ 100%)

※ We made this change after determining it would be a very negative experience for players to fail to enhance when the success rate is supposed to be relatively high.



◆ Battle Items (heraldry/Dragon Jade/Talisman)

- The Heroic Battle heraldry acquisition rate was greatly increased.

- Now all Battle items can be moved to the server storage using one (1) [Special Storage Ticket].

- The gold value for selling Battle items in a shop was reduced.

※ We made this change with the hope players use Battle items as actual equipment in the game to become stronger, rather than as a means to obtain gold.

※ We plan to gradually modify specifications related to all Battle items so that they can be more easily obtained than at present.



◆ Achievements (Mission Clear Count) Changes

- New Achievement: Clear Mission Bulletin Board 1000 times

- New Achievement: Clear Mission Bulletin Board 5000 times

- Achievement reward added (500 times): Goddess Title: Tear Drop

- Achievement reward added (1000 times): Goddess Title: Sharing Goddess's Grief

- Achievement reward added (3000 times): Problem Solver Title

- Achievement reward added (5000 times): Goddess Title: Stormbreaker Mission Box

- Trades have been enabled for three (3) Title item types.(Seal warranty not required)

※ Changes made so that Blood, Sweat and Tears Points are no longer consumed for obtaining high-priced Titles and equipment.

   In addition, three (3) Titles item types have been made easily tradeable, making them more accessible for players in need.

※ Newly added achievements have been set at 0.



◆ World Weekly Task Rewards Added

- [Co-op Token Keys] set as a reward for [clearing the Fission Maze once on any difficulty].



◆ [Get Alpaca's Perfume Material] quest completion rewards improved.

- Rewards doubled. (Gold, Hero EXP)

※ Rewards doubled to make up for 50% reduction in amount Fatigue points can be built up to prevent exhaustion.



◆ Mission to collect X amount of Blue Wooden Cards

- The amount of Herring Cards requested by Head Merchant Jamihwa has been reduced slightly. (8 ▶ 4)

- The minimum amount of [Specialty] items that can be acquired based on a certain probability in every Red Lotus Palace region has been changed. (0~3 ▶ 1~3)

※ Revisions made based on the determination that it was too difficult to access Daily Quest and Mirage Dragon Jade Quests.









 1-9.Return to Farming Festival (Cooking) 

 Farming Process 

The process is as follows:







 Info On the Process 

The rewards are provided in five (5) stages and each stage is provided upon opening a Sealed Return to Farming Box.

The objective item for each stage is as follows:







 Recipe Info 

- The Crafting Material items are as follows:







 Reward Info 

The rewards are as follows:









This content can be used anytime, as with general game content.