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EVENT (Updated as of 11th May) [Event Details] - Lovable Girl on the Milky Way! (2022.05) 05. 06. 2022 Views 4081













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■EVENT 1 - Lancea New Skill Celebration : Re-tweet Event (Updated as of 10th May) (CLOSED)

■EVENT 2 - Lancea Championship (HOT) (Updated as of 11th May)

└Bonus Event : Video Submission 





■EVENT 3 - Lancea New Skill Mission Box  

■EVENT 4 - Rock the Rift! Red Lotus Palace Rift Mission Box (HOT)

■EVENT 5 - May Spending Promotion












■ EVENT 1 - Lancea New Skill Celebration : Re-tweet Event(CLOSED)







Our lovely Lancea! Congratulations on your new skill update!

Until the May 2022 Update Patch! Please re-tweet the posting with the banner below with your IGN!

We will randomly pick 20 re-tweetners and present DNP 5,000 on the patch day (✿ ͡◕ ᴗ◕)つ━━✫








 Go to the official Twitter >





[Event Period]



After 4th May, 2022  ~ 10th May, 2022 (PDT)







[How to?]




1. The above Lancea image banner has been uploaded to Twitter. 

2. Please re-tweet the post with your IGN in the event period. We will select the lucky 20 participants, and present the DNP on the May Update Patch!








DNP 5,000

※ Next Scheduled DNP Reset Target Month: August 2022

























※Any mistake/accident cases caused by a lack of comprehension of the promotion details shall be interpreted as attributable to the player. Please make sure to be informed with accuracy.






-DNP will be reserved on the May 2022 Update Patch Date and will be directly reserved to the winner's account.

-There is no level and class limit to receive the reward and this event is account basement.


-The 1:1 Inquiry (herein, Customer Center) will not assist you with moving/transferring items after you have received them.

-Tickets regarding this promotion will be accepted before 20th May, 2022 23:59 PM (PDT).

-The event period and details may be extended or reduced and changed in consideration of the operational circumstance.
















■ EVENT 2 - Lancea Championship(HOT) (Updated as of 11th May)






All Lancea Players! Raise your head to the top!

Prove your skills with the best record and get a reward!

















[Event Period]




After Scheduled Maintenace on 25th May , 2022 ~ before June 2022 Update Patch (2 weeks)

└The challenge records will be only accepted before the June 2022 Update Patch. (PDT)

└Only clear records were precisely calculated and saved in the server from the event beginning to June 2022 Update Patch start.

└Please make sure to complete your challenge and mark the record before the start of June 2022 Update Patch on the date.

  -Listing Winners, and Collecting Data will be made after the start of June 2022  (PDT).

  -The list will be announced via web page after a few days of championship closure.











[Event Reward Date]




During Scheduled Maintenance on 22nd June, 2022(PDT)

※All winners can claim the rewards within 7-days midnight of distribution start.







[Event Reward]








※ Skill Rune Pouch Description: Use to get your class-specific Skill Rune Pouch.                                
※ When using the pouch, the first option of the Rune you acquire is given as one of the skill options for your class. (Class-specific) 
The 2nd and 3rd options are the same as the existing Runes, and all options appear at random.                             
















[Updated as of 11th May │ We confirmed that there was false information in the previous 17F clear reward tab we informed you about. Please refer to the revised information once again.]







※ Heavenly Aura Pouch Description: Use to randomly get 1 item among Gold/Crimson/Turquoise/Green Heavenly Aura. Non-tradable. Server Storage-able.                        
※ By using Gold/Crimson/Turquoise/Green Heavenly Aura, you can give Amplication options (ATK+5%) to Heavenly Minos Helm/Gloves/Shoes/Earrings parts.


















>Reward Screenshot and Description




























※Any mistake/accident cases caused by a lack of comprehension of these contest details shall be interpreted as attributable to the player. Please make sure to be informed with accuracy.



-To conduct a fair championship, Sunset Training Ground Rank Board will be reset during Scheduled Maintenance on 25th May, 2022 (PDT).


-Rankings will be counted based on the record data saved in the server after Scheduled Maintenace on 25th May , 2022 ~ until just before June 2022 Update Patch (PDT).

After the server is closed, all players can no longer challenge. Make sure to complete the challenge within the deadline.

Data will be extracted during the June 2022 Update Patch (PDT), and the winners will be announced separately on the website.

-Non-claimed / Deleted rewards are will be not reimbursed for any reason and also the Customer Center and [GM] do not provide assistance for it.
-The ranking shown on the Sunset Training Ground ranking board will be updated every 9:00 AM and may look different from the actual list ranking of eligible rewards.

└FYI: The ranking board has a system that collects records of players who have completed the challenge by 7:00AM on the same day and displays the record at 9:00AM.



 Except for DNP, other rewards will be given on a character basis, however, if you have achieved the event with multiple characters through a class change, the top reward will be awarded only once.


For example, all characters of your account are capable of receiving rewards if all the characters ranked 1st ~ 3rd on the event.
However, if you have been ranked several times through a job change,

Even if the Flurry character were at 2nd rank, and your Sting Breezer character did 3rd, only Flurry character can receive rewards.


 Please refrain from changing your character name until the event reward delivery is complete. We ask for your cooperation as changing the character name can cause the wrong distribution.













Special Rank Bonus ▶





※ The bonus event is for the 1st to 3rd place Lancea Championship Winners after the above event is completely over.

※Any video submitted before the end of the championship period is invalid and will not be accepted.

※ This bonus event is not mandatory, and only those who wish to participate among the winners from 1st to 3rd participate freely.






Special opportunity to verify records provided to the winners who won the honor from 1st to 3rd places!

Verify your records and skills through the record video upload on Youtube and grab additional rewards together!









[Event Period]



After announcing the official winner list on the main website ~ before 16th June, 2022 23:59PM / PDT 







[Event Reward Date]




During the Scheduled Maintenance on 22nd June, 2022 (PDT)

※All qualified winners can receive the reward within the 7-days midnight starting of distribution.










[How to participate?]





Challenge the championship and record the challenge scene and upload the video on Youtube!

Only up to 3 seconds difference in the actual ranking record is acceptable, and you must challenge only with the same class and the same character.

You can submit a video link to the 1:1 Inquiry in accordance with the event start.











-TIP 1: It would be much easier to participate if you make a habit of recording videos every moment of the challenge, right?

-TIP 2: Please set the video you upload so that everyone can watch it. (~31st July, 2022)




 └ Reference: 











[Event Reward]




For the winners who will submit the video link and right version video,

we will present an additional two Brilliant Destruction Protection Magic Jellies (Non-Tradable).

└※This bonus event is a character basement.

└※In the reward case of [GM]Brilliant Destruction Protection Magic Jelly, please note that there may be restrictions on the use of content such as Minos production.























However, those who fall under the case below must submit the video within the deadline as mandatory.





Case 1#. If more than a certain number of well-grounded reports are gathered, the reward delivery will be pended, in which case the subject must receive the play video within the deadline. (Red check will be marked on the result table.)

Case 2#. If verification is required through traceable logs and data investigations, it is classified as a subject and the play video must be delivered to the 1:1 Inquiry site within the deadline.



→ If any of the pointed rankers do not submit related videos or determine that they do not meet the conditions for achieving the rank, their championship rank qualifications will be disqualified and no rewards will be delivered this season. 

(In this case, the next place ranker will receive the reward.)




※All players can make record log investigations for the rankers. We also would like to inform you that 'clear evidence must be included in the ticket report', and in the case of a false report, it can be interpreted as intentional interference with the game service operation and permanent sanctions can be applied to the informant.




- In addition, requests for result review of video through the Customer center are limited to one time. Please submit the final review request carefully and politely.

- The Verification Videos must remain available to the public until 31st July, 2022 (PDT).















■EVENT 3 - Lancea New Skill Mission Box  




The best Mission Box for newly Updated Lancea! Exclusive event for Lancea Class!

Clear the Mission Box within the event period and grab the limited Hero Title  ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ















[Event Period]





After May Update Patch (PDT) ~ Before June 2022 Update Patch (PDT)








[Event Details]















Hero Title Screenshot >






















※Any mistake/accident cases caused by a lack of comprehension of this event details shall be interpreted as attributable to the player. Please make sure to be informed with accuracy.








-The Lancea Mission Box will be distributed to all accounts in the NA server via Special Storage and can claim it with level 95 Lancea character.

-Only Lancea Class is eligible to receive this Mission Box and Only Lancea is eligible to clear all conditions of the Mission box.

-All players can start the Mission Box event anytime during the event period. However, all Mission Boxes regardless of level will be deleted with June 2022 Update Patch.




-The 1:1 Inquiry Service (herein, the Customer Center) will not assist you with moving/transferring items after you have received them, so please be sure to claim the rewards as the character you want to open.

-Tickets regarding this event will be accepted before 22nd June 2022 at 18:00 (PDT).






-Please refrain from receiving Mission Boxes in towns or during peak times when other players are crowded. In this case, the Mission Box may be abnormally deleted.

-If you have cleared the conditions and received the next level of Mission Box in the Special Storage, please claim it immediately in your inventory. Otherwise, the Mission Box left in the Special Storage may be abnormally lost.

-Player should maintain an alive state to let the Mission Box be counted normally. If you clear the Mission Box condition when ghost mode, the clear not gonna be counted. 






-Please refer to the in-game description of Server Storage possibility and the bound type or not.

-The event period and details may be extended or reduced and changed in consideration of the operational circumstance.



















■EVENT 4 - Rock the Rift! Red Lotus Palace Rift Mission Box (HOT)




Concentrate on conquering the rift with the Mission Box for 2 months!

Show your passion for growing up  ⸜( ˙˘˙)⸝











[Event Period]



After May 2022 Update Patch ~ Before July 2022 Update Patch









[Mission Box Info.]













Title and Pouch Screenshot>


























※Any mistake/accident cases caused by a lack of comprehension of this event details shall be interpreted as attributable to the player. Please make sure to be informed with accuracy.




1. This Mission Box will be delivered during May 2022 Update Patch to all NA accounts. Only level 95 characters can receive the box.

2. Mission accomplishment is determined based on the character who has the Mission Box.

3. All Mission Boxes will be deleted during July 2022 Update Patch regardless of box level.

4. If you use the Server Storage, the achievement of the Mission Box is initialized. Please refrain from using the Server Storage until you complete the mission and receive a reward. [GM]s and Customer Center do not make compensation.


















■EVENT 5 - May Spending Promotion




May EYET Spending Promotion Open! Top-up and Spend EYET and Grab the rewards  ⸜( ˙˘˙)⸝

We have prepared up to 170,000 EYET tier rewards for this month!














[Promotion Period]



After May 2022 Update Patch ~ Before start 2022 June Update Patch (PDT)  / about 1 month








[Promotion Details]




 Go to the details of Bashful Cherry Blossom W/T/D >










[Reward Date]



The reward will be sent via Special Storage during the Scheduled Maintenance of 15th June 2022 (PDT)












※Any mistake/accident cases caused by a lack of comprehension of the promotion details shall be interpreted as attributable to the player. Please make sure to be informed with accuracy.






-This promotion is based on EYET only.

-Rewards will be given on an account basement and available to participate 1 time.

-Rewards that are not claimed and expired will not be reimbursed for any reason.

-Reward delivery tickets regarding this promotion will be accepted before 30th June 2022 23:59 (PDT).

-Promotion rewards are accumulative. If you spend over 50,000 within the period, you can receive all rewards from Love of Friend Pouch to 1 W/T/D & FTG Potion.

-Rewards are collectible until 22nd June, 2022 23:59 (PDT).

-The promotion period and details may be extended or reduced and changed in consideration of the promotion circumstance.











All of the DNP will be removed during the May 2022 Update Patch as a DNP reset Policy. Please make sure you purchase as many items as possible with your DNP before the patch date.
Reset Date: During Update Patch on 11th May 2022 (PDT)