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Good day, this is [GM]Loren.

I'm really sorry that I have to start the preview by asking for your kind understanding today.
Due to the symptoms of body aches accompanied by a high fever for several days, I am currently recovering with prescripted medicine.

In the case of this time preview, I apologize for not being richer than the existing series. I will do my best to recover as soon as possible.



'Frozen Dragon Nest' is finally ready to launch with March 2022 Update Patch.

Let's check the details below.





The Target Date of Update Patch: 16th March, 2022 (PDT)


※ The contents of the preview post are currently under development and may be changed or modified at any occasion.

※ Please be aware of the possibility of change and refer to your subscription. 








1. Frozen Dragon Nest Update





 The main video will be changed. :)















[Entry Information]






1. Location: Rhadames, Frozen Dragon Nest Entrance Gate

2. Access route : [Town] Saint Haven à [World Zone] Silver Dragon's Forcefield à [World Zone] Rhadames

3. Required Entry Level :   

4. Entry Capacity: 5 - 8 people

5. Entry Difficulty: Labyrinth 21F

6. Entry Ticket Item : [Last Frost Flower] x 1

7. Clears per Week: 1

8. Weekly Mid-Stage Rewards: 1

9. Revives Available: 0 (stage clear revival available)


















◆ Entry Ticket Acquisition



• You can purchase Entry Tickets at Guard Mark’s [Tiger Dragon Shop] in Rhadames.

※ The Tiger Dragon Shop will be added with the next update patch. (April, 2022)

※ We will distribute the entry ticket to all NA players via attendance event.

















[Stage Pass Feature]


• The Stage Pass feature allows you to pass through a stage you have already cleared and go directly to the next stage.

• If you meet certain conditions you can instantly pass through one stage without fighting the stage boss and go to the next stage.
(e.g.: If you clear Stage 1 on the first attempt but fail at Stage 2, you can pass through Stage 1 on your next attempt and go directly to Stage 2).

• Dungeon clear and mid-dungeon stage clear statuses are reset every Saturday.











※ Community Menu – Entry Count – You can check the status of reward distribution when you move the mouse over the Frozen Dragon Nest reward items.
This allows you to determine whether a stage has already been cleared.









◆  Frozen Dragon Nest Rewards



-Defeat the bosses for each stage in Frozen Dragon Nest to obtain the stage rewards within.

-Defeat Frozen Dragon Hiver at the last stage of Frozen Dragon Nest to obtain the final reward.

-Complete common/blessed equipment items can be acquired based on a certain probability at each stage of Frozen Dragon Nest. However, there are no selectable Golden Box/Silver Boxes.

-If the number of party members is less than 8 when clear rewards are distributed, the probability rate of obtaining rewards decreases based on the number of party members.


















[Frozen Dragon Buff] 




- Defeat the Frozen Dragon and bless Saint Haven.

- A new Dragon buff was added along with the Frozen Dragon.
- You can acquire the Frozen Memories Flower Remote Quest item upon defeating the Frozen Dragon.




• The Dragon Buff does not apply to Dragon Nests or PvP (Colosseum) play.

• Players who complete the quest will receive the [Frost Flower Keeper] Cover Title.

• [Fierce Wind] will no longer be dropped after the addition of the Frozen Dragon Buff.

• The [Fierce Winds] located in your inventory/storage will be converted to collection items. (Sellable for 5 Gold at a Shop)

• The Remote Quest for the Frenzy Blast that can be acquired upon defeating the Gust Dragon will no longer be playable and must be completed before the Frozen Dragon update.

After the update, quests that are in progress will be removed.





Lastly, our team is preparing gifts for the first raid Party members who have cleared Frozen Dragon Nest!

Everyone, get ready and challenge yourself!








2. Update - [Tiger Dragon Equipment]




◆ Tiger Dragon – Dragon full set equipment added!



• We have added 10 types of the new Tiger Dragon equipment item. (Main Weapon/Secondary Weapon/Helmet/Upper Body/Lower Body/Gloves/Shoes/Necklace/Earrings/Rings)

Rare Tiger Dragon complete equipment can be acquired as drop items in the Frozen Dragon Nest.

• Tiger Dragon equipment can be evolved 3 times, up to Legend.















◆ Blessed Tiger Dragon Equipment


Rare Blessed Tiger Dragon complete equipment can be acquired as drop items in the Frozen Dragon Nest.

• Tiger Dragon equipment items share the same set effects whether normal or blessed and Blessed Tiger Dragon equipment, like normal Tiger Dragon equipment, can be evolved 3 times, up to Legend.


















3. Update - [Gosuk's Precious Cherry Blossom Box]





◆ The ‘Gosuk’s Precious Cherry Blossom Box’ item appears.

◆ Gosuk’s Precious Cherry Blossom Boxes can be acquired in stages as well as Nest Invader and Orc Haven events.

◆ Gosuk’s Precious Cherry Blossom Boxes can be opened using a ‘Grubby Key’ or ‘Grubby Key (Untradable)’.

◆ ‘Gosuk’s Precious Cherry Blossom Box’ items will be deleted upon the next update.


※Details will be informed with the official March 2022 Patch Note later.










4. Update - [Frozen Heart Enhancements]



◆ Enhancements added to 6 types of Frozen Heart items (Frostbite/Cold Wave/Frost/Chill/Freeze and Burst/Deep Chill).

◆ Frozen Heart (Frostbite/Cold Wave)







◆ Frozen Heart (Frost/Chill)








◆ Frozen Heart (Freeze and Burst/Deep Chill)









5. Others





■ 32-bit support will be terminated with March 2022 Update Patch.

└Prior Notice Link:



■ Changed the tooltips on where to use Raining Blossoms Stones/Dimension Rocks

-Frozen Nest and Frozen Nightmare have been added to the usage areas for Raining Blossoms Stones and Dimension Rocks.



■ [Item Crafting]

- Changed the base crafting amount when crafting items using an NPC Blacksmith to  1.


■ Improved the Talisman guide

- Removed the acquisition areas for Talismans that can no longer be acquired.

- Added REM Sleep Memory/Golden Goblin Coins/Oun Sweet Wine to ‘Deep Abyss of Nightmare’ mission expected rewards.



■ Improved Oath Point [Acquisition Methods] tooltip

■ Engraving Points (Nest Points) will be initialized with March 2022 Update Patch. 

■ Nest Points will be changed into Stage Points.





■ Improved the jelly consumption priority order mechanism when enhancing equipment

① Durational – Cash

② Durational – General

③ Untradable – Cash

④ Untradable – General

⑤ Tradable – Cash

⑥ Tradable – General



■ Modified additional damage incurred as a result of Adaptability (Frozen World) so that it is calculated in a separate Additional Damage section within the Damage Meter.



■ Skill reset is scheduled to the below classes with March 2022 Update Patch.

└Cleric, Paladin, Priest, Heretic, Guardian, Crusader, Saint, Inquisitor, Arc Heretic, Blade Dancer, Spirit Dancer, GrandMaster.



■ After March 2022 Update Patch, all costume weapons (Magic Grade) will not be allowed to disassemble.









6. New Arrivals - Doomsday Capital Orc Haven




Witness history be made as one walks down a new path in the distorted time and space.

That place ruled by Orcs is Saint Haven...

I mean... Orc Haven!!









“Is this one of the strange clocks the Orcs have been carrying around recently?”


When you touch the suspicious clock picked up during your adventure, the hands of the clock spin counter-clockwise haphazardly.

The faster the hands move, the more the surrounding landscape spins.

After a while, the hands of the clock stop and the surrounding landscape settles on a scene that should no longer exist.


“ This is ..  Saint Haven …??”






◆ What is [Doomsday Capital Orc Haven]?

•This is an event stage that can only be entered with the entry ticket item ‘Time Travel Clock.’




<Stage Objective>

•Defeat monsters to fill the gauge and collect the rewards produced.



<Stage Rules>

•There are 3 waves in total, and each wave has a monster battle stage and a collection stage.

•Eliminate all monsters within the time limit to fill the gauge.

•During the collection stage, collection sites are created based on the amount the gauge is filled and collection must be carried out while avoiding attacks from invincible monsters.

•As the waves progress, the time limit shortens and monsters use stronger defense patterns.











◆ Entry Information












◆ [Reward Info]

- Orc Haven is made up of 3 rounds.

- You can acquire rewards by collecting them in each round.









◆ Hats of Recalled Memories Box Contents













7. Update - Engraving System Restructured




 Improvement of the engraving system with NPC Cherry will come in March.

For more information, we will guide you through the March Patch Note.












8. New Arrivals - Bad Cat Costume




























9. New Arrivals - Pandora Box Update : Class Skipper School Uniform





































① Several Known Issues will be fixed with March Update Patch.


② Knight Mission Box event will be closed with Scheduled Maintenance on 9th March (PST).

③ Accessory Update has been planned to Special Pandora Box with the March Update Patch.




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